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It's a familiar sight. Workers standing around, waiting to be issued tools and equipment at the beginning of the workday. Or is it actually the end of the day; are they standing around waiting to return their tools...?
Either way it looks the same - costly and inefficient. Calculate the time and money wasted for each worker, times twice a day and the total number of workers, and it quickly adds up.

With the ToolHound 5 system, you can eliminate time-consuming manual tool tracking to avoid stalled productivity, while still keeping workers accountable for valuable equipment. For example, with the ToolHound SecureCrib™ software, workers can quickly get and return the tools they need from a fully automated tool kiosk without a tool crib attendant.
SecureCrib™ uses a simple touch screen computer or an RFID portal to allow a worker to scan an ID badge to start the process, and then choose to either check out or 

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Meet Your New Purchasing Manager

You have a lot of demands on your time. Between bidding projects, managing personnel, planning business strategy and keeping an eye on the balance sheet, you have more than enough to do.
Finding extra time in the day for purchasing materials is nearly impossible. Yet, efficient management of consumable inventory and tool replacement is key to avoiding stalled productivity.
Fortunately, the ToolHound tool and equipment tracking system offers access to the  ToolHound Purchasing Module. The purchasing module allows you to automate the task of adding new items to inventory, simplifying the process of ordering, receiving and ...

The  National Insurance Crime Bureau has estimated that the construction industry loses $1 billion annually from equipment and tool theft, with a large majority of thefts occurring on the job site. Two main factors determine the type of equipment stolen most often - value and mobility.

Of course, some of the most valuable equipment is too big to steal; yet even some large, heavy equipment goes missing every day. This type of pervasive problem demonstrates just one of the many reasons why it's necessary to manage and track your valuable equipment inventory.

This is particularly important when ...

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Merry Christmas!

Please note that tech support and all company offices will be closed December 23 to January 1. We will reopen on January 4, 2016.

We wish you all the warmest of holiday cheer!
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