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Are You Still Waiting to Upgrade
Your Tool Management System?
Have you upgraded to the new ToolHound 5 system yet? There are hundreds of improvements in this new version of ToolHound!  

ToolHound 5 is a web-based application - it is offered in both licensed on-site and cloud-based versions.  Either way, ToolHound 5 will suit your needs now and into the future.  You might need to make some small changes to your computer system and scanner; we will work with you to get the right solution for you.

We're so excited about the benefits offered by the latest version of ToolHound that we are offering the following discounts to existing customers with active support contracts:

25% Discount for customers who purchased ToolHound prior to January 1, 2011
50% Discount for customers who purchased ToolHound after January 1, 2011
FREE upgrades to customers who purchased ToolHound after December 31, 2012.

Now we can only ask: "What are you waiting for?" Email us at to take advantage of this upgrade offer or call us at 1-800-387-8665.
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The ToolHound 5 Cloud equipment management system is a web-based solution featuring a more user-friendly, desktop-like experience. This functionality is enabled by the latest Silverlight interface.

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Making Notes Stand Out in ToolHound 5

If you want to make notes stand out on printed documents such as POs or transaction receipts, put a period on each line as a place holder for a blank line to keep some space around your notes.

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