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  Treasured tools for you to use                                               August 31, 2011

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Can Do Kids
Deb Fjeld & Jodee Kulp
Deb Fjeld and Jodee Kulp
We offer ideas to help professionals and parents live, love and laugh with tough kids.


Just released for FALL 2011 is the PRE-K CORE S.M.A.R.T. Program for Families, Day Care, Pre-School and Head Start Programs. The curriculum is divided into 4 affordable components ($24.95 each) CORE, MORE, THEMES and MASTERS. The S.M.A.R.T. CORE program has six years of testing and over twelve years of application.




Join the international effort to chart when the tulips bloom each spring. A fun family project!

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We hope over the coming year we can offer you information you can use to help children and adults with atypical behaviors and learning. When we find some great tools-and we're always looking-we will share the news!



Deb & Jodee

Can Do Kids - Reach for the Stars

Back to School Kick Off! 

Brittany Fjeld gets a Black Belt, age 13

Deb and Brittany Fjeld celebrate Black Belts
Deb and Brittany Fjeld celebrate Black Belts
      Brittany Fjeld, has worked hard in her focus and determination to become a black belt.  She gives up easily on things that are difficult.   In her graduation essay, she talked about wanting to quit and having to push herself just to go to class.
     "I am so proud of her! Having a FASD dx and being born drug exposed doesn't stop her from doing hard things. How many 13 year olds have a Black Belt?" said Mom, Deb Fjeld, who celebrated her "Black Belt" too!
How did they do it?
      We started karate without setting the goal of black belt.  It was too big a goal, and it felt unreachable and overwhelming.  We would come to the gold belt class and look at the brown and black belts finishing up their class, and say "I could never do that. No way."  The great thing is, we didn't have to.  We just needed to work on our small goals-getting our current kick right, practicing our first form, and doing the best we could do. Then we graduated up to a new belt with the rush of excitement of starting new belt requirements and the pride of accomplishment.  We were over 2 years into karate before we made the commitment to become a Black Belt.   
        As we built skills we built our confidence and instead of thinking "No Way" we thought, "I can hardly wait to try that."  Upon reaching Brown Belt, the goal of Black Belt became reachable.  I guess the lesson is:  "It's great to have a dream, but important to set small, reachable goals toward that dream, give yourself the time that you need, give it your all, and you can reach that dream."
S.M.A.R.T. PRE-K Brain Stimulation Program

S.M.A.R.T. Pre-K: Program Guide: Get to the CORE of Readiness (Volume 1)
by Cheryl Smythe by CreateSpace
List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $23.27
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Don't MISS OUT on helping a child build CORE skills.

A toolbox parent is a parent who is willing to reach out and discover new ideas and strategies to work with a difficult child. If you are struggling with behaviors in your home, we hope that you can find something here to help you.
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Join us in celebrating the hundreds of hours of revision for our website. We hope the new look and functionality will help you find support and understanding to work, live with and love children and adults with atypical behaviors and thinking.

FAMILIES AT RISK is a 416 page guidebook of answers to questions most people don't even know to ask if faced with an allegation. It is an international guidebook to keep children safe and prevent allegations.

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