Hot-Air Welders
Panther East carries a variety of Hot-Air Welding tools. The BAK Rion welder is 120VAC 60 Hz, 1600 watts, and provides outstanding temperature control, ease of use using a step-less temperature from 20 to 700C and an air flow of 230L/minute. An adjustable temperature scale allows for an exact selection of temperature to fit your application. 

BAK Rion
BAK RoofOn Hot-Air Welder
Our smallest automatic hot-air welding machine for welding of all thermoplastic roof material: The BAK RoofOn

Features :
  • 8" width - great for parapets
  • 120v or 230v 3400W
  • Temperature: 68-1112 �F
  • 40mm nozzle
  • Lightweight 31 lbs
  • Auto start function
  • Direct drive transmission

  • BAK RoofOn
    SIEVERT Hot-Air Welder
    The TW-5000 is one of the most versatile, reliable, and easy to use automatic welding machines available today. With a 6300 Watt electronically controlled temperature and welding speed, The TW-5000 can weld any membrane such as plastics, rubbers, modified bitumen's, PVC-P, ECB, EPDM, CSPC, and TPO just to name a few.

    SIEVERT TW-5000
    Industrial, Heavy-duty shears. Hot Drop Forged: Steel is heated and drop hammered into the forged shape. High carbon steel for greater quality and durability. Comes in 8",10" and 12". Teflon coated shears are ideal for cutting through membrane with heavy adhesives and/or tar.
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    Seamers and Rollers
    Ergonomic seamers and rollers have a larger viewing area between the end of the roller handle and the roller, allowing you to see more of the work area and offering an additional 1" of knuckle clearance between the end of the roller handle and the point of contact.
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    Nozzles provide versatility on the job site to weld virtually any type of roofing material. Various nozzles are used for seam sealing, lap welding, precise welding and soldering.
    BAK RiOn Digital
    The hand gun to weld all different types of thermoplastic materials for roofing, flooring, tarps, plastic fabrication, etc.
    • High quality
    • Maintenance friendly
    • Longer lasting brushes
    • Large accessory range
    • Optimal performance/great price
    • Easy welding with ergonomic handle
    • High speed welding enables high productivity
    Insulation Knife
    Everhard Insulation Knife
    Basic model has a sturdy blade, double bladed on all three edges, mounted permanently in a durable plastic handle. Perfect for cutting foam-type insulation.
    Seam Testers

    Seam Tester
    Test seams to make sure they hold properly. Locate loose portions of seams for rework. Hand-held seam testers, good for detail work in small areas. Stand-up seam testers are ideal for general finishing work and final seam checks. Now you get both in one. Also available with 60" fiberglass handle.
    Heavy Seam Rollers (50 - 100 lbs)
    Polished Heavy-Duty Steel Membrane Rollers. Two stage roller for use in application of self-adhered membranes. Features and benefits include, 360 degree pivoting legs with sealed-bearing wheels to simplify transporting the rollers to the job site and to protect the precision-balanced rollers. Use to pressure set the membrane adhesive to the substrate. Three rollers turn independently, helping make U-turns easy. Includes removable solid steel handle with grips.

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