Winter 2021 
Tools for 2021 Student Success  
Now Available From IEBC
As we approach a full calendar year of coping with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and the imperative to reverse the effects of systemic racism in education, colleges across the United States are turning to Caring Campus. 

Faculty, staff, and administrators are all playing important roles in this effort. We're energized by your feedback, and commit to continue to use it to improve our tools for you as we move into 2021. 
We are sharing our Caring Campus guides and webinars here in this newsletter as a handy resource for you. IEBC will remain engaged, moving forward with you as we stay focused on student success, overcoming the challenges.  
 Brad C. Phillips, President & CEO 
Jordan E. Horowitz, Chief
Operating Officer 

Racial Equity Webinar Now Available:  
Implement Caring Campus Through An Equity Lens 
Attendees from around the country participated in this IEBC webinar as presenters discussed the concepts of implicit bias, asset-based thinking, and equity-mindedness. IEBC leadership and two college leaders shared their perspectives and experiences implementing Caring Campus with a racial equity lens. 
The webinar is based on Guide 3 in our series, Providing Student Support Services in Extraordinary Times: A Caring Campus Approach, affirming the commitment made last year by IEBC to help rectify systemic racism and the lack of opportunity for all students to fulfill their educational dreams as part of its Caring Campus work. The webinar recording is available for your viewing on-demand on IEBC's website at this link. Please share it with others who might benefit.  
IEBC Webinar: Professional Classified Staff  
Front and Center in Improving Student Success    
Professional staff remain the unsung heroes of community colleges, never more so than during the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
Professional staff have a considerable and important role to play in retaining students and improving student success. Due to today's tremendous challenges facing colleges in this environment, IEBC has developed a one-hour webinar to allow our colleagues who are implementing Caring Campus at their colleges to present their experiences. Invited presenters provide concrete ways for staff and leadership to engage with students, helping them to stay connected to, and supported by, the college in normal times and in this current virtual environment.  
This webinar is our most popular, highest attended  webinar in IEBC's history. It is now available for convenient viewing on-demand at this link. Please share the link with colleagues who might find it helpful. 
The Guides: More Valuable Than Ever In 2021
Professional staff have a crucial role to play in retaining students and improving student success as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect higher education.  
With tremendous challenges facing our colleges in this new environment, IEBC developed these guides. The series, Providing Student Support Services in Extraordinary Times: A Caring Campus Approach is now more needed, and more helpful, than ever.
If you have used Guides One and Two before, we suggest you revisit the structural and behavioral recommendations in both guides for good reminders.
All Guides are Now Available:

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