October 2017 Issue
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Want to be a Happier, More Peaceful Entrepreneur? 

I get to work with a lot of amazing entrepreneurs.  Along with the massive creativity, killer work ethic and brilliance, I see their frustration, fear of failure and self-doubt.  I mean heck, they may be super visionary business brainiacs but they're also human. 
Here are a few tips for you entrepreneurs who may be feeling a little rattled or embattled just now:
1)    Stop comparing yourself to anyone else.  The media tells us that overnight success is possible.  I doubt there has actually ever been such a thing.  Comparison erodes our peace.  It is also the death of creativity.  As an entrepreneur you are working to create something that is completely unique - that means you and your creations are incomparable! 
2)    Get specific about how you define success.  Real success is not just about how big your company is, or how much money it's producing.  If you're a social entrepreneur, real success is about creating a business that does good in our world.  It's also about building a life that allows you to grow and improve as a human being. 
3)    Recognize when you need professional help.  I'm not talking about psychotherapy (though that might be in order)!  What I mean is that as entrepreneurs we wind up wearing a million hats and juggling all sorts of jobs.  Sometimes in order to take our businesses to the next level we have to bring in some help to take some of those tasks off our plate.  There comes a point when it becomes very important for us to shed some things so that we can focus more on our unique strengths, passions and genius. 
I'll wrap with a couple of my favorite entrepreneurial quotes: 
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein, physicist.
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas Edison, inventor.
And finally from Mark Twain, "Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover."  
3EStrategies would be more than happy to help you put a little more mojo (and peace) into your entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Just give us a call or drop an email - info@3estrategies.org
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3E Clients in the News 

In addition to helping our clients develop successful social enterprise strategies, structures and products, 3EStrategies also works to get them good media coverage.  We are delighted that Conscious Company magazine is currently featuring an article I wrote about our client Radiant Pain Relief Centres. 
The article is titled, ARE YOU A SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT?  It provides a little quiz of four questions to ask yourself to see if your business is already part of the movement changing the future of business. 

Read the article here.  


Welcoming "Change the Pallet" to the 
3E Team 
We are delighted to have been selected by revolutionary social enterprise Change the Pallet, which is working to increase the use of corrugated paper pallets in place of wood pallets.  

It might not sound sexy but the benefits are massive.  Corrugated pallets weigh a lot less than wood pallets which means more product can be shipped in fewer planes and trucks.  That saves a lot of energy in the shipping process and significantly reduces climate change pollution emissions. 
IKEA is already using corrugated pallets in a big way but the U.S. has so far been slow to make the move.  However in a big breakthrough Haverford College just became the first university to make the shift to energy efficient corrugated pallets. 
You can learn more about Change the Pallet here

What the Heck is Humanistic Management
By Cylvia Hayes
When I was invited to speak at the International Humanistic Management conference I was intrigued.  I didn't even know what Humanistic Management was.  After a little research I realized it was an important part of the overall movement toward a healthier, saner New Economy. 
Michael Pirson, leader in the Humanistic Management Network and author of Humanistic Management: Protecting Dignity and Promoting Wellbeing, Case Studies in Humanistic Management, keynoted the conference.  He explained that our current society is organized around an economistic perspective that starts with the baseline assumption of scarcity and the need to compete for resources.  It is driving behavior that not only is stripping our natural resources but also places no value on our inner lives or the deeper reasons for our work.  However, our species, unlike others or perhaps even our earlier ancestors, has an evolutionary need to comprehend the deeper meaning of things, to seek community and to have a purpose. 
H.M. is about designing organizations and systems so that we can do all of the above - meet our material needs, connect authentically with one another and have a strong sense of purpose.  I am very happy to pull this piece of the new economy into my overall mapping of a potential new economy.
At the conference I was a speaker on the subject of humanistic management in civic society and government and I led a workshop on Resiliency and Harnessing Crisis to Breakthrough instead of Breaking Down.  I even led an early morning mindfulness session.  They worked me hard!  And I loved it.  Loved the learning and the connection with really intentional people.   
Here's a link with more info.  

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