We know leading in complexity sometimes feels unmanageable. Read on for ways to not just survive but thrive! 
Cultivating Leadership                                                                       October 2017
Ok, so I'm a big believer in humans and have long been arguing that bringing our full humanity into the workplace is our best chance at leading into the future. A new set of tools from Accompany.io, though, has begun to convince me that it is the marriage of technology and humanity that might actually make teams sing.  

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Salsa to See Systems
Salsa with Keith to See Systems
A handy and helpful (and funny!) guide to helpful systems ideas. Keith makes Seeing Systems, one of our three core habits of mind, fun and approachable.

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Introducing a new workshop
Cultivating the Self for Complexity
NSW, Australia
27th February - 2nd March, 2018

Join Carolyn Coughlin and Patrice Laslett on retreat, to experience a  Whole Self approach to Supporting Clients to to Thrive in a Complex World.

The yearning for certainty and clear pathways forward persists, even when the very nature of the territory we are navigating can trigger anxiety, overwhelm, and confusion.

Searching for professional development that really challenges you while providing support and insight into new ways of thinking?
This is the retreat for you! 
In this experiential three night and three day retreat at the peaceful Jemby-Rinjah Eco Lodge, we will explore pragmatic coaching and leadership strategies that focus on:
  • Distinguishing complex contexts from complicated and obvious ones
  • Sensing habitual reactions to complexity through emotions, body, language, and meaning-making 
  • Resourcing the self by cultivating internal states of awareness and resilience 
  • Developing action learning strategies for engaging with complexity
Full price is $2400 plus GST, including 3 nights' accommodation twin share and all food.
Early bird price is $1800 plus GST and is available through 30 November.

Workshops 2018
If you have attended Conversations at the Growing Edge and are wanting more, or are on the Pathway to Certification as a Growth Edge Coach, these workshops are for you.

Expanding Client Horizons Openly
Maryland, US
April 24th - 26th, 2018
With Carolyn Coughlin and Beth Greenland
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Psychologically Spacious Coaching
Maryland, US
May 8th - 10th, 2018
With Carolyn Coughlin and Beth Greenland
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We're growing...

We have been cultivating our own team and welcome our new colleagues and support staff:

Sheila Beuchler hails from Texas, and is passionate about supporting individuals and organizations through change. She works across sectors, facilitating change programs in a wide variety of companies and industries including healthcare, financial services, consumer products, technology, oil and gas, and manufacturing.

Ayoub Semann, Beirut-based and with a wealth of talents, Ayoub seeks the leadership potential within individuals and invites them to bring it forward. He creates development programs for individuals, teams, and organizations; advises managers on strategy and leadership; and helps boards build effective structures and processes.
Kathrin O'Sullivan lives in California and joins us as an  experienced organizational development consultant, facilitator, and executive coach. Kathrin has  twenty years of experience in the Tech Industry where she ran Executive Development at Google, and held various leadership roles at Oracle. She is a sought-after speaker and has contributed to various publications and conferences like Wisdom 2.0 and the Harvard Business Review.
We have also expanded our administrative support team, welcoming Joy Guilleux from Pennsylvania, and Rebecca Scott based in Washington D.C. Their extensive skills and talents are a welcome addition to our growing team.

Our books are in the news!
Simple Habits has made two must read leadership book lists:
At the Enterprise project for Ten Must-reads for IT leaders
and for John Saunder's The Best Books I've Ever Read!
If you've read and enjoyed our books, you might check out the other books on the list. If you haven't read Simple Habits yet--these might finally convince you to give it a go!

Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful Practices for Leaders
by Jennifer Garvey Berger
and Keith Johnston
Stanford Business Books
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2015-02-25
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