Summer 2018

Every Successful Family Should Take When 
it Comes to Family Philanthropy

Estate planning becomes easier and more sustainable when the family philanthropy is aligned around values that allow for learning about family traditions, norms, expectations and leveraging impact. 

When children are introduced to the family philanthropy at a young age, they find comfort and confidence in an expanded identity of their family. When the family is aligned on a clear vision and understanding of what makes it unique, as the next generation comes of age, they're already practicing and participating in the wealth in productive ways.

  1. The entire family, spouses and children over the age of 16, have participated in establishing a philanthropic mission statement.

  2. The entire family meets regularly to review and discuss decisions and compare the philanthropic mission to values of receiving organizations.

  3. Younger children are given the opportunity to develop their skill in assessing, evaluating, and following up on their giving choices and results.

  4. Family members are held responsible for conducting due diligence on the impact giving has had on causes that have been funded.

  5. The family has a clear decision-making process for determining how giving is distributed.

  6. The family has the needed skills and has a process to resolve conflicting points of view and ensure each person's perspective is heard. 

  7. Family roles needed for philanthropic giving have been identified, standards for successful performance, and required competencies are agreed upon.

  8. Philanthropy is used to teach family processes such as personal goals, financial management skills, and authentic communication.

  9. Philanthropy is more than a tax deduction, it is a treasured vehicle for multi-generational involvement to build family unity, pride, and operationalize family values.

  10. The family is able to engage in open and honest dialogue and it is okay to disagree with family leadership without fear of judgment.


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Our Speaking Engagements 

Purposeful Planning Institute's Annual Rendezvous  featured an expert presentation, 
It's More Than Money. What's The True Reward of Putting Family First? by  Amy Castoro & Sybil Praski (July 27, 2018)

Trusts & Estates magazine webinar   Money Talks: What's it Saying to Your Client Families?  featured Amy Castoro and Sybil Praski (May 9, 2018)

Purposeful Planning Institute webinar, The Elephant in The Room: How to Deal With Distrust in Families, featured Amy Castoro and Sybil Praski (May 8, 2018)

Financial Magazine Invest in Women Conference panel discussion, Beyond Investment Management: Other Services for HNW Clients, included Sybil Praski  (May 2, 2018)

Upcoming:    STEP WY 2018 International Estate Planning Conference in Jackson, WY will feature a special presentation,  Money Talks: What's it Saying to Your Client Families?  by Amy Castoro (September 20-22, 2018)

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 Family Readiness Assessment 

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