The Hidden Opportunity to Significantly Increase Out-of-Network Reimbursements

As you look at the healthcare landscape today, there are fewer opportunities than ever before to improve your revenue profile. In-network contracts are set, and Medicare and Medicaid are immovable.

A well-planned out-of-network strategy has the potential to build a diversified revenue stream that increases your payor reimbursements overall. However, without a strong understanding of process and procedures in place, providers run the risk of dedicating time, energy and effort without gaining the benefits.

How can you avoid the pitfalls associated with implementing an 
out-of-network program and ensure that your efforts are realized in increased reimbursements?

Keep reading for the Top 10 best practices for engaging with payors and getting the reimbursements you deserve. 

  • What does a rigorous appeals process look like?
  • How important is data in your negotiations & appeals process?
  • How can you track your third-party contracts?