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February 13, 2019
Customer service ranked in Top 10 in country
Macon-Bibb County has been ranked in the Top 10 of most engaged and most responsive local governments by SeeClickFix for 2018. The announcement was made in a web post on the SeeClickFix website in early February. Click here to read the full post.

The most engaged local governments were determined by the number of requests per capita submitted through the online and mobile application. Macon-Bibb, based on 14,905 requests made, has been ranked 6 th in the country. Most responsive local governments were determined by the number of requests per capita that were resolved, and by resolving 14,384 issues, Macon-Bibb is ranked 5 th in the country. That means departments resolved 96.5% of issues reported or services requested.

“At the core of everything we do is making sure the people are taken care of…whether that’s by our crews resolving the issue, making sure their request gets to the right agency if we can’t help, or simply answering questions,” says Macon-Bibb Public Relations Specialist Denise Mercer. “Our departments do a great job making sure they are meeting the needs and expectations of the community.”

“We’ve found SeeClickFix fits well in the department as our work order system, showing us where the needs of our community are and allowing us to better coordinate the work of our crews and allocation of resources,” says Macon-Bibb Public Works Director Marvin Land. “We also use it to monitor our responsiveness to requests and frequently boast things like our average time to fix potholes is less than a day.”

Using SeeClickFix , people can report issues like potholes, illegal dumping, overgrown parks, and blight issues directly to the Macon-Bibb County departments. This can be done through the free mobile application, through the Macon-Bibb website , or by calling Customer Service at 751-7400. They will receive an email when the request has been seen and assigned by the department, and when the issue has been resolved. Should the requested issue not be a service provided by Macon-Bibb County, Customer Service will try to refer it to the proper agency for resolution.

“When we consolidated in January 2014, we decided to go all-in with SeeClickFix as our way to give people better, easier access to the services we provide because that’s what people deserve from their local government,” says Chris Floore with Macon-Bibb’s Office of Public Affairs. “All the credit for this recognition goes to our Customer Service division, the great people helping log and close requests, and, most especially to the employees and crews that are fulfilling the requests and resolving the issues.”

“The ability to engage residents and resolve requests isn’t a function of population, location or affluence. It’s a function of the relationship between local governments and their residents. It’s about caring,” Amanda Parr, Growth Markets Manager for SeeClickFix, wrote in the post. “We tip our hats to those working to improve their communities one issue at a time.”

This recognition follows several others earned by the Office of Public Affairs in the past year, including: two from PRDaily for the Women of Macon-Bibb Instagram Campaign and Public Affairs Annual Report; two from the National Association of County Information Officers for the Tropical Storm Irma Debris Collection Infographic and for departmental logos; and Chris Floore being named one of the top three Government Communicators in the country by PRNews and included on ELGL’s annual Traeger List of Top Local Government Influencers for the third consecutive year. 
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The Office of Public Affairs manages Macon-Bibb's communication program, including Media Relations MaconBibbTV , and  Customer Service . Its goal is to provide people information about the consolidated government and partner organizations, and to give them the chance to provide feedback, ask questions, and request services. 

The Office has earned multiple
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Macon-Bibb County is the fourth largest city in Georgia. Created on January 1, 2014 after being approved by the voters, it is Georgia's newest consolidated government and serves about 155,000 residents and thousands more visitors.

Its governing body consists of 10 Commissioners, with the Mayor serving as its Chair and the Chief Executive Office of the administration.