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Michael Chatman, Host of #WHYiGIVE, Selects America's Top 10 Executive Search Firms in Philanthropy, Social Innovation & Civic Engagement

Vincent Robinson, Founder, The 360 Group (pictured right) is one of America's best executive recruiters in philanthropy, social innovation and civic engagement.

Executive search firms are experts in finding top talent. They assist in attracting, interviewing, and hiring mid- to senior-level employees.

Executive search firms have long been used by big organizations but more small and mid-sized firms are realizing that they can also benefit from paying these consultants to help draft accurate and enticing job descriptions, generate a pool of qualified candidates for top level jobs, vet references, and speed the hiring process.

While the economic slowdown saw the executive search industry lose about one third of its revenues, dropping from $11 billion in 2008 to $7.4 billion in 2009, business has picked up considerably and many organizations in the philanthropic sector are hiring again.

The cost of a bad hire can be considerable. It can cost your firm and money and its competitive edge in the marketplace. Tackling an executive search on your own can also distract your senior staff from managing and growing the organization while they search for the right hires.

Larger firms are not always best, even those with only 3 employees can work wonders for organizations willing to make the investment. Finding top talent can be tough, and sometimes requires hiring an executive search firm.

According to our readers, here are the top 10 executive search firms for organizations seeking to find the best talent - or professionals seeking to use an executive search firm to land a job with a first-class organization in the philanthropic sector.


1) Heyman Associates New York

2) Campbell & Campbell

3) Korn/Ferry International

4) Russell Reynolds Associates

5) Common Good Careers

6) Lois L. Lindauer Searches

7) Sandler Search Associates

8) The 360 Group

9) The Moran Company

10) Arthur Diamond Associates

MICHAEL CHATMAN is a philanthropy growth strategist for celebrity foundations . He is a two-time social media award winner as one of the most listened-to voices in philanthropy, social innovation and civic engagement. Host of the popular tweet chat #WHYiGIVE , a global generosity movement on Twitter with 285,000 followers, he is credited with building one of the most popular brands in the philanthropic sector.

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