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 July 2018
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     Innovation has been critically important to the human race since Man first made an appearance, and innovation will continue to be very important in the foreseeable future.    So we had better continue to be good at it.    Alas, there is real cause for concern. I focus on some key reasons for my concern along with some steps to ward off the innovation killers.

     Then I dip a toe in the water to briefly address the hot topic of data analytics.  I also want to solicit your opinions on a variety of topics, so I do. Finally, I'm compelled to reveal the long-standing Trilogy Associates privacy policy in tribute to the powers that be in the EU.


Top 10 Innovation Killers

I see the failure to innovate to successful commercialization more often than I would expect.  My vantage point is our work with large and small medical-product companies, assisting them with their new-product commercialization initiatives.  From that vantage point over many years I have identified the practices that most often cause these failures, my take on the Top 10 Innovation Killers.

I offer my views in the spirit of helping to improve your innovation performance by recognizing some common failings as a first step toward correcting them.     
Thinking About Data Analytics?
Data analytics, and artificial intelligence generally, are hot topics these days. You know a technique has become 'hot' when specialists in the field are being aggressively sought at high salaries and short courses emerge in large numbers. Is data analytics real? Certainly, yes. Are its applications widely understood? No. Does it have a single meaning? No, it's many things dependent upon one's target application.

I'm trying to come up to speed on the current definitions and techniques of data analytics, especially as applicable to healthcare and medical products. I'm a skeptic at heart, which has served me well, but I've concluded that data analytics is the real deal.

My skepticism was piqued by a recent article by Rahul Sharma: "Ridiculous Data Analytics Myths That Need Some Serious Debunking." He presents a balanced perspective, addressing both overselling of the concept and mischaracterizations that lead one to believe that only expert practitioners are worthy participants. Sharma's piece is an interesting and short read.

Finally, consider machine learning, the third leg of the stool -- sort of. If you are so inclined see a recent wonkish article by Benedict Evans, "Ways to Think About Machine Learning." There is much to learn about what this concept could mean for mankind generally and markets in particular. Not to be ignored for future applications.     
Now It's Your Turn
I've been rambling on with this monthly newsletter experiment for over a decade, yet I've never overtly asked you what you think. (I guess that says something unflattering about me; so be it, I'm too old to change.)

So now I've come to my senses. It's now your turn. Tell me what you think about stuff -- such as these monthly newsletters, your views on where US healthcare and its markets are headed, concerns that you may have about the growth or viability of your own business, how new-product definition and commercialization will change in the near term, etc. I promise to respond and share your thoughts -- with or without attribution -- in a future edition of this paragon of wisdom. Just send me an email.

You might also consider commenting on US politics, world affairs, or your own personal relationships. You can be sure that I will have opinions about all such issues, but those opinions will be worthless.    
Our Privacy Policy
I knew that heading would get your attention -- because I know that you've been wondering: "Why hasn't Joe revealed his firm's privacy policy? Does he have something to hide? Is he making money by sharing my identity?" Or maybe I'm just thumbing my nose at our EU brethren.

Not to worry. I've simply been involved in more productive and sensible pursuits. But last month I joined the chorus of the thousands of bloggers and corporate communications executives who are now compelled to reveal their previously nonexistent privacy policies. You will find ours on our Terms page, which has existed for many years. I hope you 'enjoy' reading it.

Now, don't you feel relieved?     
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