Highlights from the OPIC Blog
OPIC enjoyed another banner year in 2016, supporting development in emerging markets around the world, reaching $1 billion both in microfinance support and in information and communications technology financing, and growing its total global portfolio to $21.5 billion. The year 2016 also was the 39th straight year that OPIC generated money from its investments in development and helped to reduce the federal deficit.

Here are some of OPIC's top blog posts from 2016:

OPIC has a longstanding commitment to supporting American small businesses in developing markets. This year, OPIC celebrated the 10th Anniversary of our Expanding Horizons small business workshop. Learn more

One of our highlights in 2016 was surpassing $1 billion in microfinance support. In this piece, OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth L. Littlefield discusses why these projects deliver strong benefits to host countries and also perform well in OPIC's portfolio.  Learn more

One of the ways OPIC is able to consistently operate on a self-sustaining basis at no net cost to taxpayers is because we work with strong partners who repay their loans. Read about some of the partners that repaid their loans in full in 2016 . Learn more

OPIC-partner Ellicott Dredges manufactures its dredging equipment in the U.S. and sells it worldwide. "I don't think we'd be able to operate in some of those markets without OPIC's support," Ellicott's CEO wrote in this guest post for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Learn more

Joshi Technologies, a small independent oil producer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shares their story on how OPIC financing helped them extend the life of the aging Palagua oil field in Colombia.  Learn more

In July, OPIC recognized seven partners - in sectors from energy to technology - for excellence in development at the 2016 Impact Awards. This video features highlights from the event and the work of our partners.Learn more 

Internet access is critical to economic development in the 21st century, and OPIC is committed to bringing more connectivity to the people of the developing world. Learn more

Two OPIC partners participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. In this piece in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, OPIC Vice President Judith Pryor explains the important contributions entrepreneurs can make to developing countries. Learn more

Investing in emerging markets can be unpredictable. This piece explains the ways OPIC political risk insurance can help investors mitigate some common risks. Learn more

OPIC financing has helped once-isolated Myanmar dramatically increase mobile penetration in a short time frame. Read more about OPIC's first-ever project in Myanmar. Learn more