Highlights from the OPIC Blog
OPIC enjoyed another banner year in 2017, committing $3.8 billion in financing and insurance across 111 new projects to support economic development in emerging markets. OPIC's global portfolio reached $23.2 billion, across 90 developing countries, with a strong focus on investing in women, U.S. foreign policy, and American business. The year 2017 also was the 40th straight year operating at no net cost to taxpayers, generating $262 million for the U.S. Treasury, which works out to $965,000 per employee. Over OPIC's history, the Agency has generated $8.6 billion for deficit reduction.

Here are some of OPIC's top blog posts from 2017:

"I'm here and I'm ready to work," OPIC President and CEO Ray W. Washburne told OPIC staff during a meeting where he outlined his vision for the Agency. Washburne plans to engage with stakeholders to highlight OPIC's work supporting development through private investment.  Learn more

ECP's Founding Partner and Managing Director explains the opportunity of investing in Africa and the ways OPIC has supported its work.  Learn more

OPIC's work extends beyond our immediate clients since the projects we support often result in the procurement of American goods and services, such as this supplier of mobile healthcare clinics. Learn more

The deal-maker behind many OPIC-supported Electrify Africa projects talks about her more than 20 years of financing developing market power projects and her recent focus on addressing Africa's energy poverty. Learn more

Project Finance International name the OPIC-supported power project in Ghana as the African Power Deal of the Year and recognized OPIC for playing a pivotal role in the transaction.  Learn more

In a guest post on Medium, OPIC Director of Outreach, Dr. Lawrence Spinelli says there are several reasons why it makes sense for small businesses to engage in the global economy. Learn more 

OPIC committed financing to support construction of a modern airport in Ecuador. The airport has dramatically impacted the surrounding communities by providing new employment and business opportunities. Learn more

This year, we featured Aventura Investment Partners, an OPIC partner that provides Africa's smallholder farmers with equipment and other value chain services to help them improve yields and expand production. Learn more

Structure Finance Managing Director Mary Mervenne explains how OPIC and ContourGlobal succeeded in this challenging project that transformed the energy landscape in West Africa. Learn more

OPIC's Finance Director John Didiuk discusses OPIC's growing investment portfolio in Ukraine, where our portfolio has quadrupled since 2014, and the increased focus on supporting the country's small and medium-sized enterprises. Learn more