September 2017 Newsletter Issue #9
These Scams Will Make You Provide Sensitive Info: 
Beware of The Top 10 Phishing Emails
Phishing remains to be the most common - and successful -  scam used against both businesses and individuals online.  

Be very suspicious of subject lines like: "Security Alert," "A Delivery Attempt Was Made" or anything like "Password Required Immediately."  

Here's more, the top 10 subject lines that were used successfully to get a user to provide their password or other sensitive information:

How To Create An Invoice

QuickBooks Online users, here is a short, helpful video on How to Create Invoices, for  those who do work for clients and need to invoice them for the work later.  

View Rocket Bookkeeping's subscription options here: 

You choose the frequency of services (monthly, bi-weekly, etc.), and we can help you customize our bookkeeping service options to fit your needs.  
Your Brain Is Underwhelmed-Here's How to Reinspire It
Here are a few excerpts from an interesting article on how (and why) to inspire your brain, hope you enjoy!: 
" Imagine standing at the edge of a deep canyon, the rocks painted pink and red by the setting sun. The sky seems endless. There's a giant sequoia tree next to you, towering into the heavens.
That feeling you have of being small, a part of something larger, is awe. And it's not just something that's merely nice to experience now and then; it can actually shape the way we make choices....
Feeling inspired - overtaken by awe - we're newly reminded of our place in the wider field of existence.
So how do you cultivate this feeling more often without taking regular trips to the desert (or dropping acid)? It's easier than you might think. In fact, visual stimuli can ply your brain with the experience of awe without ever having to leave your desk.
YouTube is your friend here: Watch videos about the universe. It may sound like a shoddy substitute for a weeklong camping excursion in a glacial tundra, but your brain may not actually need something so ambitious in order to fire up those key regions. Believe it or not, awe researcher  Craig L. Anderson suggests the opening three minutes of the movie  Contact."
Here's An Easy Way to Give Your Brain More Awe
Here's An Easy Way to Give Your Brain More Awe
The  full article is here, from Fast Company's 'How to Be Successful' series.  
W hen CEOs are asked to rank each state, California is considered the 'worst state for business' every time.  Despite its reputation though, the most recent numbers indicate that from 2014-2017 California has topped all states in terms of number of businesses added, totaling  51,835.  

See more on the Daily Breeze's recent breakdown of the nation's shrinking company count overall and  California's growth, here.  
Quick Tip for Taxes: 
Where do I start?  

Remember the first step to take in preparing for taxes is to gather all of your business records.  You should have all of your business earnings and expenses in front of you while filling out any tax form.  
Using software like QuickBooks will help you organize and keep track of all transactions during the year, calculating your income and deductions is much easier than trying to remember every sale and expenditure that occurred during the year.  

Intuit's promotion on QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is back!  See details below.  Offer ends September 15th, 2017.  
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