Les Peterson, Mayor of Carefree   
Carefree “Block Party” Event Proves to be a Winner! 
Literally everyone, including Foothills residents, Carefree businesses and all of the local major not-for-profits, were winners at the first annual “Block Party” celebration on Saturday, April 7 th . “This event met and even exceeded even our most optimistic goals, and has established itself as a cornerstone of Carefree’s event calendar in future years,” said Carefree Council woman Cheryl Kroyer.
Residents enjoyed the opportunity to see and socialize with their neighbors, participate in the many activities available and discover new businesses and their owners. The Block Party was an excellent venue to end the winter/spring season on a high note and launch into the summer season. An estimated 2,500 people enjoyed strolling Easy Street and through the Carefree Desert Gardens, conversing with their neighbors and participating in this neighborhood event.
 Over thirty Carefree businesses set up informational booths at no cost, to demo their goods and services and to introduce themselves to local residents who were unfamiliar with them. Many of these businesses reported meeting quite a few new residents, and gained new customers.
 The major non-profits in the Foothills, including the Foothills Caring Corps, Desert Foothills YMCA, and the Foothills Food Bank, each creating their own selected activity and reporting donations for their organizations. The Carefree Water Company raised donations for the Foothills Library for every throw initiated at their dunk tank. The Chamber of Commerce also contributed a professional Korn Hole Tournament company who managed their games.
All were extremely pleased with their participation, and many are already making plans to participate again next year. Many new inquiries to participate in next years’ Block Party were also noted by the Carefree Staff.
 A special “thank you” is in order for all of the event sponsors and volunteers. Of note, were the particularly generous donations from Bashas’ Grocery, CIVANA Carefree, Nathans Famous Hot Dogs, and 4CMedical as well as the countless volunteer hours required to make the event a success.
 Please accept the Town of Carefree’s sincerest thank you to all who sponsored and donated to help make this event fun and valuable for the community. Stay healthy and have a wonderful summer.  
Ernie Bunch, Mayor of Cave Creek
May is upon us. The Fall colors of out of State license plates have severely diminished. It's hot and getting hotter as the Month goes on. April and "Bike Week" is in the rear view mirror.
Speaking of which I am in receipt of correspondence complaining about the activities and congestion in Cave Creek during this event. Arizona Bike Week starts out as a Proclamation by the Governor. I don't know which Arizona Governor started it but it is here to stay.
When the economy began to tank in 2007 and went really bad in 2008 I'm told that our former long term Town Manager encouraged the owner of The Hideaway to make this an event in Cave Creek as well. This was to help replenish Town revenues that were going to be lost because of the economic downturn.
 Since that time "Bike Week" has continued to contribute to the Towns Revenues through Sales Tax. While Individual sales tax numbers are protected from prying eyes by State Law and I am not privy to actual individual businesses numbers, I am told that there is a bump in revenue to the Town of somewhere between 30K and 50K that had not been realized prior to the local businesses taking advantage of the event.
 I know it is an inconvenience to our residents and some of the behavior is not what we would wish for our Town but, as long as nothing illegal is taking place the broadness of the First Amendment takes precedence. The Deputies and Traffic Control costs are not born by the Town but are covered by the businesses which benefit from the event. If you look closely at your Property Tax Statement you will not find a line item that goes directly to your Town. That is because there isn't a Property Tax that supports Cave Creek. A huge amount of the Towns Revenues come from Sales Tax so the continued success of our Town hinges on the success of the businesses. 
 Imagine if you will just exactly what would happen if we did not allow the advance preparations of Traffic Control and Security with this event. The disorganized chaos that is perceived would be very, very real actual chaos! 
 As May comes upon us those businesses that have behaved like the Ant and not the Grasshopper will still be here when the Fall colors of license plates begin to once again change.
Allow me to introduce you to SCORE
SCORE is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Washington D.C.
There are over 300 SCORE Chapters located throughout the U.S,
The Greater Phoenix SCORE' Chapter office is located in downtown Phoenix in the SBA office.
There are over 60 volunteers in the Phoenix Score Chapter from all areas of the business world who
volunteer their time in assisting small business's succeed.
SCORE is a resource partner of the SBA and the Carefree Cave Creek Chamber.
Through the efforts of the Carefree Cave Creek Chamber, SCORE personnel will mentor on the 3rd Wed. of
each month. They will mentor 3 hourly sessions starting at 2.00 P.M. at the Foothills Community Foundation
located at 34250 N60th St. 
There is no charge for our mentoring! Clients can return for additional mentoring sessions. All information discussed in the mentoring session is confidential.
By appointment only HERE
To contact SCORE for appointments by phone: 602-745-7250
Desert Treasures 31 years
Cave Creek Museum   22 years
Desert Foothills Land Trust   22 years
Kiwanis Club of Carefree   17 years
Kendrick Wealth Management 12 years
Foothills Academy   10 years
Grace Capital Investment   7 years
Tonto Bar & Grill   6 years
Arizona Musicfest   5 year
Watson's Hat Shop   4 years
Carefree Acupuncture & Chiropractic  3 years
EmbroidMe North Phoenix  3 years
Schooley Mitchell   3 years
Mutual of Omaha    2 years
Prickly Pear Inn      2 years
Morris Hall, PLLC    1 year
Partners Dog Training    1 year
Vitanya Northeast Scottsdale   1 year
Vytis, Ltd      1 year

Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce community! We look forward to seeing you at our events.

Romance Coach on the Go
Cube Executive
Heritage at Carefree Senior Living
Realty Reality
May 2018
Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) data published March 2018
Kraig R. Nelson, Associate Broker

Carefree -Sold volume (dollar amount) was 39.32% higher; active listings [101] were 26.28% lower; and the median sold price [$569,000] was .31% lower, compared to one year ago. 
Average days on market were 195.  17 residential units closed escrow.
Cave Creek -Sold volume (dollar amount) was 2.66% higher; active listings [317] were .32% higher; and the median sold price [$480,00] was 9.09% higher, compared to one year ago. Average days on market were 122.    72 residential units closed escrow.
Scottsdale -Sold volume (dollar amount) was 7.82% higher; active listings [2,857] were 12.31% lower; and the median sold price [$450,000] was 7.82% higher, compared to one year ago.Average days on market were 97.    858 residential units closed escrow.
Phoenix (city only) -Sold volume (dollar amount) was 16.15% higher; active listings [3,515] were 9.94% lower; and the median sold price [$239,900] was 7.10% higher, compared to one year ago. Average days on market were 66.   2,255 residential units closed escrow.

Kraig’s Comments-
·       Distressed sales (short sales and lender owned) represent 1.80% of the total sales volume.
·       There is a 2.15-month supply of residential inventory in the Phoenix Metro Area. Generally, a balanced market for buyers and sellers is about 6 months; however, all accurate statistics are neighborhood specific.
·       Total residential inventory is 11.80% lower [21,703 units] than one year ago.
·       Entire Phoenix Metro Area: median sold price is $254,000; 10.40% higher than one year ago. Average days on market were 72.
·       Average sold price compared to original list price is 97.15% in the Phoenix Metro Area. This means a home listed for $400,000 sells for about $388,400.
·       Production new-home “spec” (or speculation) count is 2,024; 291 fewer than 6 months ago. New-home subdivisions: 585; 10 more than six months ago. (from Ultimate New Homes Newsletter)
·       Total Phoenix Metro residential units sold and closed last month: 9,402. This is 3.10% higher than one year ago.
·       Total dollar amount for Phoenix Metro residential units sold and closed: $2,960,819,947. (that’s 2 billion, 961 million- rounded for conversation). This is 11.98% higher than one year ago.
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From the Cave Creek Museum
Kraig Nelson, historian and docent
In 1877, two young prospectors, Richard Cramm and Edward L. Doheny discovered a rich lode on a small mountain about five miles northeast of today’s Desert Mountain community. The claim was called the Emerald Lode and the mountain eventually became known as Cramm Mountain. Richard Cramm worked the claim while Ed Doheny left Arizona and decided to search for oil. In 1892, Doheny drilled the first successful oil well in Los Angeles. Next, he drilled the first successful oil well in Mexico (Tampico); by 1916, it was the world’s largest producing oil well. By 1920 Mexico was the largest oil-producer in the world. Doheny created the Pan American Petroleum and Transport Company which he later sold to Standard Oil of Indiana. His net worth was 100 million, 1.44 billion in 2018 dollars. Pulitzer Prize winning author, Upton Sinclair’s 1927 novel, Oil, and the 2007 movie, There Will Be Blood, was based on this Cave Creek miner. 
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May 13: Happy Mother's Day!- see all the wonderful ideas for Mom, Desert Foothills Library


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I am pleased to announce the addition of two new members to the Chamber Board who will begin on July 1, 2018. Dr. Colleen Krahl is a chiropractor and owns Easy Street Clinic. Bob Armstrong is a business consultant specializing in franchises and owns ALEMI Franchise Consulting. They both will serve a three term. Re-appointed and serving a second three year term is Rustyn Sherer Community Relations Manager with APS and Nick Stelfox co-owner of Carefree Outdoor Furniture. Please help me congratulate these folks.
If you are interested in knowing more about the Chamber Board or interested in being considered for a future open seat please do not hesitate to talk with any Board member or Patty Villeneuve.
748 Easy St., P.O. Box 734
Carefree, AZ 85377