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 Is your business ready for 2014?

Join our "Lunch & Learn" 
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and find out the answers to the

Top Ten Questions 
to ask yourself so you can
take your business to the 
next level next year

1) Have you defined your goals for 2014?






2) Do your verbal and visual messages
(your brand)

speak to your target market(s)?







3) What's your PR plan for 2014? 

FYI-If you think you don't need public relations, well ... you are wrong. 



Check out our PR/Media portfolio 




4) What's your marketing plan for 2014?





5) Do you know where your target market is hanging out? 

Are you engaging with them in a way that reflects the essence of your business?





6) Do you have a plan that enables the trifecta 

-- PR, marketing & social media -- 

to work together to support growth in 2014?





7) Does your website have a call-to-action? 

Is your content-up-to-date?





8) Do you have a blog to support your SEO Strategies?





9) Do you even have an SEO strategy?





10) Does your 2014 strategic plan incorporate 

public relations, marketing & social media 

within your overall business cycle to support 

growth and sustainability?




For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to meet with us... 
Join our "Lunch & Learn" 
Marketing, PR and Social Media
Strategies for success in 2014  


January 31st  @ Noon-1pm
Bethesda Office
4800 Hampden Ln #200
Bethesda, MD 20814
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what being splashed by

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and our 

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The Trifecta: Strategic Marketing Matrix 
Marketing, PR & Social Media    

Cari Shane and Julie Schumacher
The Greater Washington, D.C. Area
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