ConnectsUs HR UnPlugged
February 2020

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Here's our latest edition of HR UnPlugged
that provides ConnectsUs HR™ product updates, upcoming features, legislated ch anges, user tips, and HR articles.


Recent Changes:

  • Keep up to date with 2020 employment legislated updates for Ontario, Alberta and BC including employment standards, human rights, privacy, and safety. Click here for legislative updates and find out what ConnectsUs HR templates were updated as a result.

  • 30 completed Job description templates common to all small businesses. Written and formatted in ConnectsUs HR style! Easily plug and play to create job postings.

  • You can now register additional users at 50% off. Click here to find out more.

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Just purchased the HR Toolkit for Small Business? Or considering it?

Watch this guided tour for an inside look and tips on how to navigate the ConnectsUs HR Resource Center.

Create Job Descriptions from Standard Form Templates

Creating sound job descriptions for every position in your company is a core HR fundamental. It's a lot of work and that's why we started the process for you.

Your HR Toolkit for Small Business and Consultants includes the Job Description Templates Kit containing 30 pre-written job description templates for positions common to most small businesses.

The templates are precise, simple and thorough - ready for your logo and edits. Because it's easier to edit pre-written job descriptions than creating them from scratch!

Read our latest article to find out why you need the Job Description Templates Kit and how download it.
Need an Employee Manual?
Yes you can!
Did you know that ConnectsUs HR includes our most popular ready-to-assemble Employee Handbook Kit ?
Don't have time?
Let us get your employee handbook or employee manual over the finish line. Contact us for a proposal.


Enjoy some of our latest posts:

Top 10 Reasons Your Small Business Needs an Employee Handbook
Some of the reasons your small business needs an employee handbook may not be obvious. 

Find out why an employee handbook is an essential tool for running your business, no matter how many employees you have.

6 Reasons to Become a Consultant (No Matter What Industry You're In)
Do you think being a consultant is sexy? Or boring?

Spoiler alert! You'll be leaning towards sexy by the end of this article.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace
70% of us have experienced imposter syndrome at one point or another. While it causes us stress, is there a small silver lining associated with this feeling?

Find out why experiencing imposter syndrome in the workplace may not be all bad.

6 Common Job Description Mistakes
If an employee continuously fails to fulfill the expectations of their job description, chances are that you’ll be (politely) showing them the door.

But if your JD’s fall into the danger zone of any of these common mistakes.. maybe it’s the job description that should be shown the door, not the employee.


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