Learn what our graduates are saying about the Principles Express course, Communicating Research Results.
Testimonials from Market Researchers from Around the Globe
Ulka Bhide
An Experienced Client-Side Researcher (USA)

“Communicating Research Results” is an excellent course using videos & case studies for engagement and quizzes at important milestones along the way! 
Colleen Dye
An Experienced Client-Side Researcher (USA)

"Communicating Research Results” was extremely detailed - every aspect of communicating results was covered.
Emmanuel Malard
Samsung Electronics (France)

“Communicating Research Results” course presents a great summary for both agencies and brands on what reports and presentations are made for and how they should be delivered to maximize impact and decision-making. It brings some really useful insights on how researchers should consider data and build presentations in a both objective and client-focused manner.
Nermin Aga
Ph.D., An Experienced Supplier-Side Researcher (Canada)

“Communicating Research Results” is up-to-date and relevant for insight professionals; I liked the academic aspect blended in the professional domain. The inclusion of relevant TED talks made it even more appealing.
Eric Chen
An Experienced Client-Side Researcher (USA)

I liked how I got a better understanding of stakeholders (e.g., senior vs. junior executive) and best practices on making research have more impact beyond the presentation/report delivery.
Amy Charles
SVP, Canada, Ipsos

The University of Georgia's “Communicating Research Results” will elevate your ability to communicate with meaning and guide you to delivering results based on what was learned, not just asked.
Rebekah Dennis
An Experienced Client-Side Researcher (USA)

“Communicating Research Results” offered very detailed information, and it presented the right mix of video, reading, and self-exercises.
Melissa Carey
An Experienced Client-Side Researcher (USA)

I liked how the “Communicating Research Results” tied a finding to an insight— to a conclusion— to a recommendation. This instruction put it into perspective for me. I also like the understanding of taking a whole picture perspective of the data and then determining the story you would tell in nine slides.
Stephanie Vogt
An Experienced Client-Side Researcher (USA)

I liked how “Communicating Research Results” covered the basics - foundational level learning and gave some examples along the way. In terms of interactive exercises, this Course has had the best ones I've seen yet.
Brian Jones
Project Director, Chadwick Martin Bailey (USA)

“Communicating Research Results” course provides an up to date framework for how market research professionals should be communicating value to our clients. 
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