November 8, 2018
Five Latest Internet Marketing Updates that You Should Know
by Nimesh Dinubhai
Digital marketing, also known as internet marketing, plays a significant role to boost hotel website traffic and online bookings significantly. Recently, a lot of big announcements have been made in the digital industry.

For example, Facebook introduced a new video format for marketers, Google announced a board core algorithm, etc. If you are a new hotelier and want to stay ahead in the industry, then you should know what’s going on in the hotel digital marketing industry. Here are five things that you should know as a marketer.

Google Search algorithm update for SEO
Though Google updates its algorithm so frequently, it has recently rolled out one of the biggest algorithm updates which is called “a broad core algorithm update”. The update is not based on a single element and therefore, there is no specific way or trick that webmasters can opt to regain their website ranking. But your website must have quality and relevant web content to offer a great experience to the visitors. If you will analyze your Google analytics report, you will notice a drop in ranking of some sections of the website and on the other hand, website content may get higher ranking in SERPs. However, the effect of the August Google update will be totally different on all sites and all webpages.

Meet Revpar Roy
Roy Yared, CHA, owner of Revenue Management Services and CLIA Board Member is more famously known as Revpar Roy.

Recognizing his love for numbers, math and Microsoft Excel, Roy took his Bachelors degree in Business and after 20 years of experience as a hotel owner, founded Revenue Management Services , a data analysis company that helps hotels of all sizes to achieve their maximum REVPAR possible
Roy's clients include:
* Independent and franchised hotels
* Hotels as large as 200+ room full-service hotels, and hotels as small as 16 rooms
* Hotels performing well, as well as hotels with low occupancies and issues to be resolved
Roy is a second-generation hotel owner. His parents owned multiple hotels and were CLIA members since its inception. Roy has continued support of our industry and this organization by being a member of California Lodging Industry Association for over 20 years and a CLIA Board member for the past 9 years. 
What you may not know about Roy: Before devoting himself full-time to the lodging industry, Roy says he learned everything he knows about business principles such as marketing, finance and profit margins from owning and operating three successful boutique retail stores and a wholesale toy company in Yountville California. 

Live Midterm Election Results
Top 10 Things Employers Need To Know About Midterm Election Results
As many predicted, Democrats recaptured the House for the first time in eight years in yesterday’s midterm elections, while Republicans retained and strengthened their grip on the Senate. That will lead to a dynamic in Washington, D.C. that the Trump administration has yet to face: a fractured legislature and a tug-of-war at the federal level. What does this development mean for employers? Here are the top 10 things to expect in the labor and employment law arena given the results in yesterday’s historic elections.

1. Worker-Friendly Bills Expected To Pass The House…Then Stall In The Senate
Eager to repay the support they received that vaulted them into power, employers can expect to see a slew of worker-friendly measures introduced and passed in the House. It would not be surprising to see newly installed members of Congress swiftly pass a series of bills aimed directly at employers. Among them, you might see a repeal of the  Epic Systems case that cleared the use of class waivers, a full-scale prohibition on mandatory arbitration agreements, measures to limit right-to-work laws, a passage of card-check provisions to streamline union organizing, a return of the expansive persuader rule, the expansion of the  worker-friendly ABC test for determining independent contractor status, and a boosting of the federal minimum wage towards $15 per hour.

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