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WaterRemarks -- October 2023

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A Message From Watermark Founder Jon Picoult

The state of customer experience in many industries is downright scary.

So, with Halloween just a few days away, it seemed appropriate to lead off this month's newsletter with a story about how to spook your customers. Because if you know what scares customers away, then you'll be better positioned to cast a spell that'll keep them around.


Jon Picoult

Founder, Watermark Consulting

Author, From Impressed To Obsessed

The Top 10 Ways To Spook Your Customers

What are you afraid of this Halloween?  That your customers might disappear like ghosts? That your competitors might pick them off like vultures? Is it all driving you batty? Here are ten grave customer experience mistakes to avoid. [5 minute read]

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5 Ways To Make Every Week Feel Like Customer Service Week

Earlier this month, companies worldwide celebrated the annual ritual of Customer Service Week -- a five day period each year when business leaders unite to recognize a group of employees (and an entire organizational function) that they tend to disregard the other 51 weeks of the year. Seriously, that's the harsh truth at many organizations... but it doesn't have to be that way. [5 minute read]

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Lessons From Wrap Rage:  Why "Customer Experience" Is Bigger Than "Customer Service"

Lessons From Wrap Rage: Why "Customer Experience" Is Bigger Than "Customer Service"

Many companies think the terms customer experience and customer service are synonymous, but nothing could be further from the truth. In this keynote clip, Jon Picoult explains what great companies understand about the holistic nature of customer experience -- and how that allows them to capitalize on opportunities that other firms never see. [4 minute video]

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Customer Experience And Customer Service Are NOT The Same Thing -- Here's Why

Customer Experience and Customer Service Are NOT The Same Thing

In this interview on the Life Science Success podcast, Jon Picoult elaborates on the difference between customer experience and customer service, and explains why companies that don't recognize that distinction put themselves at a disadvantage. [1 minute video]

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Calendar flipping

ICYMI: Last Month's Edition Of WaterRemarks

Did you miss out on last month's edition of WaterRemarks? No worries, here's a link to access the newsletter and its lead story: "5 Myths About Improving Customer Loyalty."

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"Is there anyone in this room who can go with me to an espresso machine and make a latte? I don’t think we can fix the systemic problem with the level of lofty knowledge that exists in this room."

-- Starbucks' former CEO Howard Schultz, from remarks he reportedly made to his executive team at a November 2022 leadership meeting.

Source: The Wall Street Journal (Sep 27, 2023)

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