October 24, 2019
In a novel approach that could help reduce carbon emissions, a team of scientists led by Professor Anatoly Frenkel have described a way to use artificial intelligence to facilitate the conversion of carbon dioxide into methane.
The University has been awarded a Conceptualization Grant from the NSF’s Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes program. The 12-month award provides $149,625 in funding to support the development of a Challenge Institute proposal to be submitted in the next round of funding, which is aimed at establishing US leadership in Quantum Information Science.
Carl Safina , a marine ecologist and author of various books, including a recent bestseller about what animals think and feel, is one of the nation’s most esteemed environmental writers. As an ecologist, his achievements include leading campaigns to ban high-seas driftnets, achieve passage of a UN global fisheries treaty, and reduce albatross and sea turtle drownings on commercial fishing lines. He now writes about the troubled relationship between humanity and the living world.
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