Message from the Superintendent
Dr. Jan Irons Harris
September 3, 2019
Word of the Week: Engagement
The Board of Ed says, "Step Up this year! Go to the next level!"
Shown from l to r: Board Chair Carolyn Bradford, Vice Chair Johnny Warren, Superintendent Dr. Jan Irons Harris,
Member Daniel Case, Member Jennifer Hartline, and Member Bob Woods.
Georgia Milestones Scores 2018-2019
TOP 15 Schools in Northwest RESA (172 Schools)
(97 Elementary Schools, 37 Middle Schools, 35 High Schools and 3 K-8 Schools)

Ranked by % Proficient and Above or
Ranked by Change in % Proficient and Above

1st Place DCHS US HISTORY - Change 21.2%
*1st Place DMS 8th Grade Science - Change 20.2%

3rd Place DCHS Geometry - Change 10.1%

*7th Place DES 5th Grade Social Studies - Change 14.3%

*8th Place Davis 5th Grade ELA - Change 17.4%
8th Place DCHS 9th Grade Literature - Proficient+

*9th Place DCHS Biology - Proficient+
9th Place DCHS American Lit - Change 5.5%

*10th Place DMS 8th Grade Math - Proficient+
*10th Place DES 5th Grade Social Studies - Proficient+
*10th Place DAVIS 3rd Grade Math - Change 19.2%

*11th Place DES 5th Grade Science - Proficient+
*11th Place DMS 8th Grade Science - Proficient+
11th Place DCHS Algebra I - Change 7.3%
11th Place DMS 8th Grade Social Studies - Change 4%
11th Place DMS 7th Grade Math - Change 2.5%

*12th Place DAVIS 5th Grade Math - Proficient+
12th Grade DMS 8th Grade ELA - Change 13.1%

*13th Place DAVIS 5th Grade ELA Proficient+
*13th Place DES 5th Grade Science - Change 15.3%

14th Place DCHS US History - Proficient+

*15th Place DAVIS 3rd Grade Math
15th Place DMS 7th Grade ELA - Change 3.4%

*Above State Average

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