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"It's lonely at the top. We provide you with a group of experienced, caring CEO peers who will help you to be successful. We have great tools that drive peer accountability. We help you define the right strategic goals for your company and execute against them, leading to great ROI." These are the things that I have spent the last 20 years talking about as it relates to our CEO Collective program. And it's not a sales pitch. It's all true.

Three years ago, I engaged my brilliant friend and colleague, I Jian Lin, Founder of Brand Intent, to help us with The Raffoni Group's branding. He came back with a lot that all boiled down to one piece of feedback: We were underplaying the value of the interconnected network. I was informed that we were missing the boat with respect to where our members got value.

I Jian said, "Melissa, your members don't talk about your tools as much as they talk about the relationships they've made and the support and inspiration they've gotten from colleagues that drives them to reach higher ambitions." 

I read the document he wrote for me ten times and as a result, I agreed to promote the new tagline,  "Where CEOs realize higher ambitions and exponentially improve the quality of their professional lives."

I made this change, but I wasn't buying into all of the value points that members were getting from the network. I was so focused on driving hard and fast business ROI for our members, I disregarded the rest. Now, as I enter into my twentieth year of running CEO peer group collectives, I'm listening more than ever.

Based on what I've heard, here at the top 15 reasons why CEOs make time in their busy schedules to be a part of a CEO Collective peer group...

Jason Maxwell, President, MassPay  

MassPay provides a cloud-based HR and Payroll solution called iSolved, which allows small to mid-sized businesses to utilize technology to streamline their HR, Payroll and Talent Management processes and optimize their workforce. iSolved tracks detailed employee information, administers benefits, calculates work hours and processes payroll, and offers performance management/reviews, onboarding, employee self-service and other capabilities, to keep businesses efficient, and compliant with ACA and other regulations.

MassPay's ASO Division provides businesses with guidance on HR/Payroll issues, develops strategies for recruiting top talent, evaluates company policies, ensures compliance with wage & hour and other laws, and implements best practices for hiring, on-boarding, training and performance.

Visit www.masspay.net >

Lee Horgan, CEO, Newmarket International

Newmarket®, an Amadeus company, delivers proven business solutions for hospitality organizations. With more than 40,000 installations and 150,000 users in over 154 countries worldwide, Newmarket offers solutions for sales and marketing automation, catering and events, workflow management, service optimization, property maintenance, meeting intelligence, customer relationship management, and guest loyalty, enabling hospitality professionals to work smarter. Newmarket's expertise in complementary hospitality solutions combined with Amadeus' global scale, reach and expertise in core IT areas represents a compelling end-to-end solution for empowering hospitality organizations to lower costs and increase revenue, while improving customer satisfaction and guest loyalty.

Visit www.newmarketinc.com >

CEO Collective Member News

CHI Solutions was successfully acquired by Accumen. Congrats to member, Kathleen Murphy, CEO of CHI Solutions Read more > 

The Eliassen Group has been named one of the 2016 Best Places to Work in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal. Congrats to member,  Dave MacKeen, CEO and his team ! Read more >

The Boston Business Journal named MassPay to the Fast50 (the fastest growing private companies in MA). Kudos to member, Jason Maxwell, CEO of MassPayRead more > 

WGBH launched the new late-night national program,  Point Taken, a weekly debate series that champions spirited and civil conversation. Congrats to member, Jon Abbott, Present and CEO, WGBH and his team !  Read more > 

Kudos to Mark Goldstein, CEO of 2020; Gordie Spater, CEO of Kurgo; and David Cohen, CEO of Firestone Financial who were each nominated for the  Smart CEO's Boston Future 50 Awards to be held in Boston on June 15. Best of luck! Read more > 

Strategic planning gets all the cachet and all the ink, but the most creative, visionary strategic planning is useless if it isn't translated into action. Especially now, in a sluggish economy, execution takes on greater importance. It's what separates the companies that prosper in hard times from the ones that go under.

Why can even the most brilliant strategies founder in the implementation phase? "When things haven't gone as planned, it's often because the process wasn't well defined, we missed a step, or we didn't follow a specific sequence," says Gordon Woodfall, former president and general manager of Waltham, Mass.-based Thermo KeyTek (now Thermo Fisher Scientific). 

The execution phase forces you to translate your broad-brush conceptual understanding of your company's strategy into an intimate familiarity with how it will all happen: who will take on which tasks in what sequence, how long those tasks will take, how much they'll cost, and how they'll affect subsequent activities.

Here are three recommendations to help you make this translation.


Silberline was founded in 1945 by aluminum industry pioneer Ernest Scheller. His vision was to create a business that would provide the highest quality products and customized service in a manner of unyielding integrity. Recognized today as a world leader in the manufacture and supply of aluminum effect pigments, Silberline is that company envisioned by Ernest Scheller over 60 years ago.