Greetings Mamas!
What I learned a long time ago is that motherhood is not martyrdom. I learned this the hard way, you can't pour from an empty cup.
Photo Credit: Katherine Emery (Taken at Mama's Self Care Retreat 2015)
First we need to be kind to ourselves so we can even begin to show that kindness and compassion to others. Motherhood can't always be selfless. Self care is an essential part of mothering, it is not a luxury!
For me, yoga has been an essential part of my self care.
I remember the days then my kids would tell me I needed to go do yoga. Even they knew that mama self care is important!
It is for this reason that I created the Mamas Self-Care retreats with my two awesome mama friends! We started leading these retreats four years ago. I have to say they are getting better and better. This is not just a yoga retreat, it is a total self-care reboot! It's yoga, pilates, coaching, dancing, hiking, swimming and spa treatments! Yes, spa treatments!

I am offering a special discount for the Mamas Community - use the discount code "formymamas" for a $75 break on the price. Get your spot now before it fills up!

I hope you'll consider coming! Come with a girlfriend or solo.

I'm also excited to share some self care tips below from some amazing women in the community.

I hope you find these newsletters to be informative, and keep on taking good care mamas!
See you soon.

Jane Recommends - Mama Resources
3 Tips for New Mamas with
Kyla Brown ( Holistic Nutrition Consultant)

1. Get out of the house and breastfeed in public while your partner is still on parental leave. Then you'll feel comfortable busting out a boob when you're out alone with your babe. 

2. Go on a date night, (and bonus points for a girls-night out)! 
3. Be kind to yourself. No extravagant to-do lists. Feed and care for your babe; anything more and you're an overachiever. 
Quick food tips: Eat oatmeal for lactation, and eggs for protein (energy) & choline (brain function)

Kyla Brown is a holistic nutrition consultant specializing in prenatal and postnatal wellness. From pre-conception nutrition to postpartum weight loss, meal planning by trimester or for the whole family, she helps clients develop long-lasting, manageable eating habits that will ensure a lifetime of good health. Contact Kyla for a free consultation, and mention Jane's newsletter to get 50% off your first package!

Learn more at
Jane Austin featured on

Jane Austin on Taking Time to Nourish Yourself

" I would say Motherhood is not Martyrdom! Nourish and feed yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for your own wellbeing, of course, and also for the wellbeing of your children. Children learn from example..."

Hand in Hand: A national network of employers of nannies, housecleaners and home attendants. 

Hand in Hand is a national network that offers support to help create mutually respectful working relationships between families and the providers they employ.
Hand in Hand provides information online, one on one consultation, and offers a workshop four times per year at Natural Resources on "Best Practices" for employing a childcare provider . Note: the next workshop is planned for April 18th at 6pm. 

All of the resources provided are free and have been created by families who employ nannies in consultation with the providers.  
Hand in Hand also supports the Fair Care Pledge, which includes three recommended employment practices: Fair Pay, Clear Expectations, and Paid Time Off.  One can sign the Pledge and find out more information and resources about what these practices look like at
Learn more about Hand in Hand at .

Mama's Meet Up: Thurs, March 17
Mark your calendars for the third Thursday 
7:30 - 10:30pm at  Pause Wine Bar
(1666 Market @ Gough in SF)

$24 gets you a glass of vino in one hand, and appetizers in the other!  

Hosted by Chris Tavelli (Owner of Pause & Yield Wine Bars),
Jane Austin, Stephanie Forster, & Katie Cariffe

"Wine no Whining" 
Labrinyth Walk: Thurs, March 17
Mark your calendars for the third Thursday 
Starting at 11:45am at  Grace Cathedral
(1100 California Street @ Taylor in SF)

Join Jane Austin and the midwives of the Bay Area Homebirth Collective. We'll gather at 11:45 am and begin walking at noon as the bells start to ring. This is a time for quiet reflection, and a chance to put aside all the thoughts and chatter that busy our minds and distract us from connecting to our authentic selves.

Walking the labyrinth is an ideal way to actively meditate during pregnancy, and another step in preparing for birth.

Everyone is welcome to this FREE event.
What I'm Reading: Diastasis Recti
by Katy Bowman 

The whole body solution to abdominal weakness and separation.

I found Katy Bowman's newest book to be really accessible and practical. She thinks about movement as essential nutrients for the body! This book is not just about exercises to do to heal a diastasis but healthy movement to bring the body into alignment. She is all about habit modification and bringing awareness to the "whole body." So for those of you who a struggling with core weakness, pelvic organ prolapse or incontinence do to abdominal separation, this book may help you on the path of recovery!

Purchase this book on Amazon.

Yoga Classes & Immersions With Jane 
Mama's Self Care Retreat 
w/Stephanie Forster & Katie Cariffe
Memorial Day Weekend
(May 27 - 29, 2016) 
at Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga, CA

Discover and celebrate all the shifts that occur while you fully embrace motherhood. Immerse yourself in fabulous food, invigorating exercise, and nourishing company. Enjoy Pilates, Yoga and Life Coaching in an inspired framework where you will replenish yourself and learn to integrate self-care into your daily life.

Mama Tree Level 1 Recent Grads: Love these awesome, powerful + a little wacky women! Yoni mudras!
In the circle but not in the photo, Reena, Ellie, Brittani & Jess.
Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
(Level 1 & 2)

Immerse yourself in the study of yoga for the childbearing year. Mama Tree offers comprehensive training in the art and science of teaching yoga for mamas at all stages of pregnancy, birth and beyond. The program includes yoga practice, lecture, class observations, practice teaching, guest speakers, and independent study.

Mama Tree offers two 45-hour sessions that should be taken consecutively (Level One must be completed in order to take Level Two). Upon completion of both levels, students will be eligible to apply 90 hours toward a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) designation with the Yoga Alliance.

Location: Yoga Tree Potrero Hill (New Training Facility) + Yoga Tree Valencia in SF.

P.S. Where Would You like to See Mama Tree? 
Mama Tree is growing her branches. 

In addition to expanding where you can attend Mama Tree Level 1 & 2 teacher trainings, I plan to start offering a prenatal weekend immersion. More details to come soon! 

Please let me know in the survey below if you are familiar with a studio that you think would be a fit (anywhere!). Also note if you manage or own the studio recommended, and THANK YOU - your participation means so much.

p.s. please share with any studio owner you think might be interested. 

Thank you!
Prenatal Partners Workshop Now Available Online!

I'm SO excited to announce that my Prenatal Partners Workshop is now available online through Take it again or first the first time! Y oga for pregnancy and childbirth.

Upcoming Prenatal Partners Workshops at Yoga Tree: 3/19/16,  4/2/16, 4/23/16, 5/7/16 + more!   Full Schedule.
In Studio:
Mon, Wed & Fri
10:30am - Noon 
+ Saturday
9:30 - 10:55am
at Yoga Tree Valencia
(1234 Valencia @ 24th) 

Mon, Wed & Fri
12:05 - 1:30pm 
at Yoga Tree Valencia
(1234 Valencia @ 24th) 

Prenatal Online: Strengthening & Opening Course

Practice in shortened segments or take the full 74 minute yoga class.

  • Modifications of yoga postures to accommodate special needs.
  • Breathing practices to calm body and mind.
  • Learn how to reduce or eliminate discomforts.
  • Postures and practices that prepare the body for labor and childbirth.
  • Relaxation, guided visualization + more! 
Learn More & Purchase
$10 (50% off)

Prenatal Online: Balancing & Energizing Course 
Practice in shortened segments or take the full 72 minute yoga class.

  • Breathing practices + balancing postures to help with focus, aid in concentration and calm your nervous system. 
  • This course has standing, balancing and back bending postures, along with a challenging arm strengthening sequence.
  • Energize your whole body and reduce stress!
  Learn More & Purchase
$10 (50%)