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March 2019
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3 Ways to be Unlucky in Fundraising, See How An Employer Supports Local Units, Help With Writing Your Next Fundraising Letter and more!

3 Ways
to Be
in Unit Fundraising

Funds often flow to your unit because of community relationships established by your fellow Civil Air Patrol members.

Unlucky Effort #1: You didn't read CAP Regulation 173-4 and conducted a fundraiser without your Squadron and Wing Commander's Approval.

You may have had a great plan, but there are no lucky charms in your cereal today! Time to share your misstep and get back on track. Fundraising activities are great- but you want to make sure your efforts don't cost more than you earn so that you c an be a great steward of donated funds.

Wing Commanders are accountable for ensuring their members' actions align with CAP's values and fiduciary responsibilities. That is why Wing Commanders are required to approve all unit/wing fundraising activities. The process includes legal and safety considerations in addition to the potential financial benefits. Let’s face it, the phrase “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” goes a long way towards keeping our luck from running out!

Familiarize yourself with CAPR 173-4. This regulation is the best place to start for knowing what you can and can’t do. This will keep you from getting into trouble as you search for your pot of gold.

Unlucky Effort #2: You submit a grant proposal without meeting or talking to the person receiving the letter/proposal package.

Fundraising is about relationships. Call ahead and meet the person receiving the application. Ask them for tips and let them know what you plan to submit. This will increase your chances of securing the grant.

Target your fundraising goals to the donors that match your mission. While every unit should be working toward all three primary missions, every unit has its unique specialty that it excels in more than the others. Knowing your mission (what you are trying to accomplish) will equip you to know who to approach for funding. Focused fundraising based on what you do well and what you want to accomplish increases your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Unlucky Effort #3: You send a letter or make an ask and don't proof or spell check.

Before you send in that grant proposal or request for donation, be sure to do a grammar and spellcheck. Remember the rules about “Let’s eat grandma” vs “Let’s eat, Grandma.” You want to get their attention because CAP is awesome, not because your proposal is unprofessional. Be careful of run-on sentences, dangling participles and misspelled words. Donors are reviewing who to send their money to, so make sure you don’t get your proposal dumped into the circular file, bringing you down on your luck. #SaveGrandma

Somewhere Under the Rainbow...You Can Share Your Successes and Exchange It for Gold!
19,000 Employers Match Donations and Volunteer Hours

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Because members filled out a brief piece of paperwork, more than $24,000 has been given by Boeing for unit fundraising and Aerospace Education programs. Boeing offers grants up to $10,000 to employees who volunteer with CAP. 

Since October 1, we have received nearly $100,000 for Wings and local squadrons through corporate giving programs.

Do you have members who work for participating employers?

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This Month's Member Fundraising Question
Q. "Are there any approved fundraising letters, and if so, how do I access?"

Submitted by 2nd Lt Ergle - SWR-LA-086  

A. There are great examples of fundraising letters in Civil Air Patrol's Unit Guidelines & Procedures for Securing Funds . You can find a sample fundraising letter for an event sponsorship, a letter for specific needs such as uniforms, or a letter to solicit a corporate sponsorship.

Even though these sample letters have been utilized with success, CAP Regulation 173-4 requires you to have your Squadron Commander and Wing Commander approvals before conducting fundraising activities.

Just a note of caution: If the company or foundation you plan to solicit has a national presence or covers multiple states, it is best to coordinate with your Wing Commander AND the Civil Air Patrol Development Department to make sure another group isn't already having the same conversation.

The Civil Air Patrol 2019 National Theme is Celebrating our Partnerships!

Civil Air Patrol already has great partnerships with organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Air Force Association and Arnold Air Society.

We know there are many great partnerships at the local or state level. Would you be willing to tell us about yours?
Does your Unit Have a Partnership Story to Share?
Yes - please contact us!
No - but I would be interested in learning more about developing partnerships!
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Civil Air Patrol Development

Kristina E. Jones, M.A., CFRE
Chief of Philanthropy

Donna Bass Maraman
Development Coordinator

Major Lisa Myrick - CAP
Deputy Chief of Field Fundraising
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