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Top 5 HIC Prep Challenges for
ADC, MAb, and Protein - Answered 

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Thank you for the feedback provided per HIC (Hydrophobic Interaction) Prep Column Survey sent last week. We take your feedback very seriously and therefore with this issue of newsletter, here presents data below addressing top 5 current needs and challenges gathered from all of you working on ADC, MAb and Protein.

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Answers to Top 5 HIC Prep Challenges for ADC, MAb and Protein:

Sepax Proteomix HIC provides:
  1. High resolution and efficiency HIC separation from analytical to preparative for seamless HIC scale up
  2. Optimal selectivity HIC phase for ADC to accomplish below
       1) individual and average DAR purification or fractionation   
       2) unconjugated mAb from conjugated mAb isolation;
    ) impurities isolation
  3. Optimal selectivity HIC phase for mAb,Oxidized mAb, Bispecific mAb, protein, and related variants such as aggregates and fragments isolation
  4. Lot-to-lot consistency
  5. Range of HIC phases with various hydrophobicity scales for variety of biomolecules including ADC, mAb, and Proteins. Four different HIC phases from least to most hydrophobicity: Ethyl<Propyl<Butyl<Phenyl
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