Top 5 Online Recruitment Hubs


What would a barbershop or a beauty shop have to do with foster home recruitment? Denise Goodman, Ph.D. of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, talks of helping one agency identify a “community hub for socializing and story-telling:” local hairstyling and barbershops. 

These were the perfect spots for recruitment efforts in this African American community. Why? People spend a lot of time in these shops and socialize with others from their neighborhoods. 

The stylists were a trusted, known entity. They truly connected with the families who spent time in their shops, making for successful recruitment. 

Let’s transfer this strategy to virtual recruitment. Are there online hubs where families socialize in your community? Where do people feel comfortable connecting? Here are five possibilities:

  1. Businesses with a strong local presence that serve as online gathering places: radio stations, sports venues, and even restaurants. If people spend time interacting on these sites, they will be a captive audience for your message about local needs. 
  2. Local social media groups that promote local events are magnets for residents who strongly identify with their community. Posting there about a recruitment event could reach a broader audience. 
  3. Your foster parents’ social media pages. Foster parents are hands-down our best recruiters. Would they be willing to craft their own or share your messages about the need for families? 
  4. Philanthropic groups. Your local Rotary, Kiwanis, “What $5 a month can do…” or other service organizations may be digital hubs for altruistic-minded individuals in your community. 
  5. Your local library plays a vital role in the community, from announcements to programming to resources. They may be perfect for posting your PSAs.  

Of course, you want to do a bit more than email a YouTube link or share a meme. With each group, you’ll want to engage with the individuals behind the screens and provide them with talking points and data about the needs in your community. 

Those conversations could lead to much more. Guest blog posts, reels, podcast interviews—the possibilities are endless. Please connect with us at the Coalition and check out the resources below for more support around recruitment. 


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*Don't forget that you are welcome to use any of the PSAs produced by the Coalition and DCF in your recruitment efforts.

We hope this information is useful! We also want to remind you that we are here to help and support you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Resource Specialists at the Coalition.

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