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Top 5 Selling Mistakes

March 2011




Is your sales team fully equipped for success?
Even top producing sales reps for the Fortune 500's require consistent accountability and a firm structure to support their performance expectations.  In addition, top producers clearly understand their individual goals as well as the organization's objectives.  Successful sales professionals also meet with their manager weekly for one-on-one coaching sessions.
Is this happening in your organization?
Processes and procedures must be efficient, effective and strategic in order to realize increased customer loyalty, referrals, sales revenues, profits and marketshare.
Outlined below are the Top 5 Selling Mistakes made in the field by both seasoned and new sales reps.  
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Top 5 Selling Mistakes:
#5   -   Lack of Research and Preparation


            Quick Tips:  Google, Pre-Call Worksheet, Company Website
#4   -   Weak or Missing Needs Assessment


            Quick Tips:  Identify Specific Needs- Develop Accurate Solutions
#3   -   Inconsistent or Non-Existent Follow-Up


            Quick Tip:  Utilize Appropriate CRM System Consistently
#2   -   Over-Talking Over-Promising


            Quick Tips:  Listen - Take Notes - Ask Questions
#1   -   Not Asking for the Sale (or knowing how and when to close a deal)


           Quick Tips:  "When would you like that [order/service] shipped/delivered/implemented?" 
                                        "When can we get started?"           


#5   -                                       
For a free Sample Pre-Call Worksheet, Click Here and type Pre-Call Worksheet in the subject line.
#4   -    
For a free Sample Needs Assessment form, Click Here and type Needs Assessment in the subject line.
#3   -    
For information on individual CRM Systems, Click Here and type CRM System in the subject line.
#2   -   
For a free sample list of Top Sales Questions, Click Here and type Top Sales Q's in the subject line.
#1   -    
For a free sample list of Top Closing Q's, Click Here and type Top Closing Q's in the subject line. 

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