Because we are a Catholic school, we welcome you, we value you, and we believe in your future. Your transition from middle school to high school is an easy one. The academic work may be more difficult, but our faculty, staff and students are here to help along the way! Click the video on the left, to hear more from Brooke, '20 about her transition to St Joes.
Top 5 Tips for Your High School Search!
Searching for the right fit high school is exciting, and at times overwhelming. Our current students and their parents helped develop the top 5 ways to start your high school search. Don’t forget, our admissions team is a resource as well! Reach out to us with your questions, we look forward to working with you this year!
1. This is a Parent AND Student Process 
I challenge you to think about this and act on it. Yes, the parent is making the investment but does the student truly understand the value of this investment? Students begin to realize the investment by becoming involved in the entire admissions process. Students should be equally, if not, (dare I say it) more involved than parents. Let students lead the way (i.e. students should write the admissions essay) and build a sense of ownership and appreciation.
2. Write Down What Matters
Each student and parent has different wants and needs. Before you even step foot on a tour or start your application, write down the qualities that matter to you and ONLY you. Compare with friends, but do not copy! It is a proven fact that writing your goals on paper has greater probability of achievement - and the same goes for your high school choice. Determine your most important school qualities and don't settle!
3. Explore ALL Options, Not Just Your Favorite
Students in this area of Connecticut have a lot of great options for high school! We often hear that in 6th grade, students choose their favorite high school but then, by 8th grade it completely changes (Hint: don't choose a favorite until you have gotten accepted!) Forget the assumptions, debunk the myths and explore all options including: public, private, independent, and charter/magnet schools. No one school is better than the other, they are simply different. It is your choice what school is right for you.
4. Don't Judge a School by its Cover
Research is crucial and your starter kit should include the school's website, video, brochure, and social media. After polling our newly enrolled Class of 2022, they said their shadow visit was the most helpful and realistic visit experience in making their decision to apply and/or enroll. In fact, 95% of our Class of 2022 spend a shadow day with us! While window shopping is helpful to the eye, you find the real deal when you walk inside - visit, visit, visit!
5. Connect Yourself Right Away
The proof is in the people. Meet the faculty, students, alumni, and parents and ask them your questions! Remember the most important qualities that you wrote down and connect yourself with a person who can give you the right information. Interested in Biology and Engineering? Talk to the Science Department Chair! Want to get involved in the musicals? Speak with the Fine Arts Director or President of the Drama Club. Interested in exploring community service outreach? Ask the students what volunteer work they’ve done. In other words, go right to the source and ask the questions that are important to you.
The Facts Matter
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Did you know that exam is a one-time test and you can send your exam scores to 3 Diocesan High Schools?
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