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Top 5 Women's Day Hike Packs...
by Evan Hamilton, Lead Buyer
Mira 26
Osprey Mira 26L $149 
(comes with Osprey's amazing hydration bladder)
Deuter Futura Pro 34SL
Deuter Futura Pro 34SL $149
Osprey Kyte 36
Osprey Kyte 36 $149
Osprey Sirrus 24L
Osprey Sirrus 24L $99
Deuter ACT Trail 20 SL
Deuter ACT Trail 20 SL $119

What is a day hike pack? Honestly there is no such thing. Everyone packs different and some people bring enough junk for 4 days on a day hike. Some people bring a sandwich. A few year back the industry came to the conclusion that 30-35 liter packs and below are considered "day" packs.


When talking about day packs for women, you need to look at what a women's pack really is. The idea of a women's specific pack is great. But there isn't much standardization to it. On bigger packs like 55 liters and up, a women's pack is much different than a man's. Women's larger packs offer shoulder straps that conform away from the lady bits. The torso length on women's packs tends to be smaller. The gap in between the straps at the base of your neck is smaller in women's packs. The hip belt can sometimes be canted to match the shape of a woman's hips. But, on the little day packs, it's hard to really determine what a women's pack is. Some brands carry the innovations from bigger packs into the smaller day packs; some just change the color and call it women's.


Now here is the reasoning behind our pick for the top 5 women's day hike packs. All these packs are designed for women. They are not just a color change on a men's small pack. There are very few packs in these sizes are specifically for women's (don't believe the hype)!


The Osprey Sirrus is a great pack for the money. It carries well, it's lite and simple. The Mira is WAY more versatile than the Sirrus. It has more pocketing and above all else comes with Ospreys hydration bladder. (This is the best bladder you can buy) Osprey is the new cool kid on the playground and Deuter has been there the whole time. Deuter has been making packs since 1898 and know what they are doing. The Futura pro SL is a very versatile pack. Lighter weight materials combined with a pivoting hip belt make this pack worth the $149 price tag. Also, this size range is my favorite for use in many aspects of life off the trail. The smaller day packs are great for a day... that's it. The 30-36L range can be used for overnights to a friend's house, trips that need more gear like surfing, or climbing; like I said before, way more versatile. This brings me to the Osprey Kyte. This is a women's remake of the most popular men's Osprey pack, the Kestrel. Osprey took all the features of a large trekking pack and shrunk it down to an affordable and functional smaller pack. The Kyte has all the women's features you would expect and is extremely versatile like the Futura Pro SL. I feel that the Kyte carries a slightly heavier load better than the Futura Pro. I have the Kestrel in this size and lived out of it for 3 months in South America, I cannot stress how useful this pack is.  Last but not least, the ACT Trail 20 SL from Deuter fits just about every lady on the planet. You can carry bricks if you want and it will do just fine. Priced well, fits well, Why not?


There you have it, top 5 women's day packs. Now, here is my disclaimer, women can where men's packs and men can where women's packs. Just like shoes, if it fits and it works use it. These are just guidelines to make your experience in the outside world better. I suggest that you come and talk us and we will do our very best to get you something that fits and lasts, whether it be men's or women's.








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