The Top 5 Health reasons to drink QuenchWater Farriers Blend Coffee
Disclaimer: these reasons apply to all coffee - but we think HoofPrints Quenchwater brand is the best.

  1. Protects your brain. According to a literature review of studies, coffee can protect your brain against certain neurodegenerative diseases including dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease. Coffee consumption is also shown to slow down the progression of dementia in the elderly.
  2. Reduces your risk of developing diabetes. One systematic review of studies shows that habitual coffee consumption is associated with a substantially lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Another review showed that each additional cup of coffee is associated with a 7% decrease in risk.
  3. Lowers your risk of developing certain cancers. Studies show that drinking coffee is associated with a decreased risk of certain cancers, including liver cancer (and cirrhosis of the liver), oral/pharyngeal cancer, and advanced prostate cancer. Other studies show that coffee intake is inversely related to the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Coffee is also associated with decreased estrogen - high levels of which are linked to some cancers.
  4. Safeguards your heart. Regular coffee drinking has been linked to a lower risk of coronary heart disease in women. Furthermore, people who drink more than two cups a day have a 20% lower risk of stroke compared with those who drink less. And, one study showed that coffee drinkers have 40% less calcium in their arteries compared with non-coffee drinkers.
  5. May increase fat burning. Coffee contains caffeine. The caffeine in coffee can help to boost your metabolic rate and mobilize fat from your tissues so you burn fat for fuel. Caffeine also improves exercise performance, which can help you burn fat.
These are from best-selling author / women's health expert Christiane Northrup, MD source (with additional links and citations) is here
In her article referenced above, Dr Northrup also speaks out on the type of coffee that's best to drink for health benefits. Here's what she says;

"As with anything else you put in your body, it's best to drink the highest quality coffee you can afford. Higher quality coffees tend to have lower levels of mycotoxins, pesticide residue, and chemicals such as acrylamide, a toxin that can form naturally from chemical reactions in certain types of foods, including coffee. Darker roast* coffees typically have less acrylamide. *QuenchWater is dark roasted

Mycotoxins in coffee are formed by mold that is commonly found in coffee beans. And certain processing methods, including the natural process of the leaving the coffee seed intact while drying, can increase mycotoxins.

In general, coffee that comes from higher elevations, such as Ethiopia, Columbia*, Kenya, Guatemala, and Papua New Guinea, have less mold and fewer mycotoxins." *QuenchWater is made from Columbian Supremo beans
HoofPrints' own QuenchWater Coffee is roasted, blended and ground in a circa 1922 brick building in Alexandria, Indiana. Formerly the Glove Corporation, maker of Dura-Bull Gloves, the building is now home to a number of local small businesses. Harrison Street Roasters makes their coffee in small batches, using a vintage roaster. I am proud to join the ranks of their other customers; most being upscale restaurants located throughout the state.
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The backstory on the QuenchWater brand: You see, my farrier husband likes his coffee black. And strong. So strong that he describes it as "Strong enough to float a horseshoe." And thus the idea for Quench Water Coffee was born. For the uninitiated, quench water is the water that farriers and blacksmiths use to quickly cool their heated horseshoes and what-not.
Farriers who travel empty their quench water bucket between stops, but the water in stationary shops is not changed. It lingers forever and takes on murky, mythical qualities. It's even said to be a reliable cure for poison ivy.
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This coffee is so versatile - you can even COOK with it!
What do Farriers' Blend Coffee, Pyrex bakeware, COVID-19, menopause and brownies have to do with each other? Not much, but I forced them all together in a blog post.
Why "Life is Short - Eat The Brownies"?
When I entered my fifties/menopause, the ensuing weight gain caused me to swear off nearly all sweets. I had a major fondness for cookies, and ice cream, but years of being able to eat whatever I wanted without repercussions had left me seriously lacking in the self-control department.

The next thing I know, I've somehow gotten myself into a situation where I HAVE TO EAT BROWNIES FOR MY WORK. HoofPrints' customers deserve the best possible brownie recipe that we can come up with using our own Farriers' Blend QuenchWater Coffee as flavor.

Neighbor gal Emarie's been making test batches, asking me to evaluate... at the same time, the rest of the world seems to have gone crazy with worry over the COVID-19 infections. We're told to stay home. If our friends or family are hospitalized we can't comfort them there. Suddenly, the simple pleasure of fresh brewed coffee, paired with eating a delectable treat, lovingly prepared by a dear friend/neighbor, became an important ritual in my day...
This stainless Travel Mug looks just like it's made of Damascus steel - what could be more fitting for a farrier; whose job involves pounding steel all day?
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I. Love. This. One.
I don't know what they thought they were replicating when they came up with this swirling grey pattern, but it looks for all the world like Damascus steel, which is made by forge welding multiple layers. Damascus Steel is beautiful, strong, and incredibly hard to make. Originally used for swords, these days skilled blacksmiths are forging this patterned steel into striking knives and jewelry.
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