Are you searching for more information on the best energy drinks to carry in your micro market or vending machines in 2021?  In this article, we will break down the best energy drinks for 2021 and offer you insight into which ones you should consider offering to your customers. Energy drinks continue to be a very popular beverage among people of all ages because they offer the caffeine boost that most people need and a wide variety of vitamins and chemicals like Taurine. 

#1 – Red Bull

Red Bull is ranked as the top energy drink every year for one reason, Red Bull consistently delivers the energy consumers want and need. Red Bull contains about 80 mg of caffeine per serving and roughly the same amount of sugar that you will find in most juices, along with a dose of taurine and B Vitamins. Since it’s been one of the top energy drinks for decades now, Red Bull rarely changes its marketing or packaging.

Consumers can still enjoy Red Bull in the same dependable can and they can also find their favorite energy drink in a variety of flavors including Red Bull Cola, orange, yell, blue, green, and red edition. This popular energy drink also comes in a sugar-free purple edition, proving that Red Bull wants to still be the energy drink of choice for people who are concerned about their sugar intake.