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2016 is a brand new year.  A time to start fresh.  Below are a list of Etiquette Resolutions bound to help you have a better year.

Resolve to respond as fast as humanly possible to invitations. Planning events can be a stressful occasion. Knowing who will attend is extremely helpful. 



Resolve to meet no strangers Please introduce yourself and others. Including others always begins with an introduction. Always say your first and last name.


Resolve to show acknowledgement. Despite our germ phobia, handshakes remain the most acceptable form of greeting. Practice your handshake. A bad handshake is like garlic. It lingers. Handshakes set the stage.

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Resolve to spend less time on your phone in public. Public cell phone conversations are rude.


Resolve to understand your place setting. Don't eat your neighbor's bread.  Panic at the dining table should be avoided.

Thank you

Resolve to show more gratitude this year. Write your thank you notes, promptly. Kindnesses should always be acknowledged.


Resolve to always be appropriate for the occasion. There are no second chances for a first impression.

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Resolve to reciprocate. An important part of etiquette is to return graces. The beauty is that the return does not have to be equal in value. Regardless of the venue the goal is to share appreciation and gratitude with each other.

Get Fit - Etiquette for the Gym
gym bag
The number one resolution for every New Year is to get fit.  Exercise novices usually start at the gym.  Novice or exercise enthusiast, there are some etiquette guidelines that should be followed to always keep you in top form.

Read the gym rules

Any well operated facility will have a set of guidelines to follow.  Learn them. 

Safety Rules

Follow the safety rules of the facility.  If you are unsure how to use a piece of equipment ask management for assistance.

Self-Consciousness rules the gym

Test your workout wear before you leave home.  Be sure you aren't exposing yourself in an unflattering manner.

Cell Phones

Leave your cell phones in your locker or car.  It may be a distraction to others, trying to stay focused.  If you must take a call go to a non-workout area.

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Never leave yours behind.  Carry a towel larger than a washcloth.  Use it before and after you use equipment, or benches.

Don't Dally

Be prepared to use the equipment that you are standing near.  Allow others to work in between your sets.  Share the equipment, be patient while waiting. 

Everything has its place

Weights, balls, ropes, mats, should all be returned to their proper place.  Even if no one else does. 


Be aware of flailing arms, and scattered possessions.  Space may be limited.


Gym showers should be prudent.  Locker benches are not for your use only. 

Leave the perfume and cologne at home.

Deodorant is the only necessity


When participating in classes, be on time.  Introduce yourself.  Developing friendships can help you achieve your goals faster.

Tip of the Month 

Your beverages will always be placed on the right side of your place setting.
Your bread and butter plate, or salad will always be on the left.

Practice Gratitude
practice gratitude
As you look forward to 2016, give gratitude for 2015.  Gratitude is a valuable expression to share with family and friends. Anytime anyone extends themselves to us, we should show gratitude. A simple thank you is always expected and appreciated.
There are times however, when only a hand written, snail mailed, thank you note will do. Dinners, referrals, birthday gifts, wedding and holiday gifts, are all occasions for handwritten thank you notes. 
Below are some guidelines for thank you notes.
Send promptly
Thank you notes ideally should be sent within three days. Don't procrastinate, it gets harder.
Keep it simple
A thank you note only needs six lines. It is not a letter. Be brief and to the point.

1.   Greeting

2.   Say thank you

3.   Say something about the gift

4.   Say something unrelated to gift. 

5.   Thank you again

6.   Close

Practicing gratitude only does one thing. It opens the door to more blessings.
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