Ag Innovation Update-August 2017
Passionate Professionals: Food industry pros use knowledge and passion to drive local food renaissance

Food is a necessity for everyone, but for some it is a passion and a way of life, recognizing it as an opportunity. AURI is currently assisting a wide range of entrepreneurs, including trained chefs and food industry professionals who are using their knowledge and passion to help drive a local food renaissance.

AURI hosts sensory panel, assist clients with product development and marketing

Offering a unique way for food entrepreneurs to gain expert critique and connect with others, AURI collaborated with Midwest Pantry to hold a Sensory Tasting Event in late March. The event brought together a diverse group of people to evaluate various characteristics of food and beverage selections.
Elsewhere in Agriculture: Fly Farms to Provide Alternative Protein for Animal Feeds

Two companies, AgriProtein and Christof Industries, partnered to build up to 25 fly farms a year up-cycling organic waste into insect protein for animal feeds.

The partnership will help bring insect protein into the mainstream of feeds used in aquaculture, poultry farming and pet food. 

Together the companies have developed a high-tech blueprint for 100 factories by 2024 for AgriProtein to rear fly larvae at an industrial scale on organic waste that would otherwise go to landfills. It then harvests the larvae to make natural, high-protein feed products as a sustainable alternative to fishmeal. The fly farms will be operated by local licensees of AgriProtein technology in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. AgriProtein CEO Jason Drew said, "Waste-to-nutrient technology is starting to get traction and price per ton is key in the fight to replace fishmeal.

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