Get the Right Feedback Directly from Your Employees, Trades and Suppliers
Do your employees view you as an Employer of Choice? Are you a Builder of Choice in the eyes of your trade partners and suppliers?

Using a third-party to gather candid feedback directly from your employees, trades and suppliers will provide you with the accurate information you need to become a better employer and builder.

When you monitor your performance with our Employer of Choice and Builder of Choice performance reviews, you’ll discover how to increase employee morale and improve trade partner and supplier relations.

Leverage the power of Builder Partnerships performance reviews to improve the performance and profitability of your company.

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Employer of Choice Performance Review
Would you benefit from an increase in employee satisfaction and less turnover?

Are you maintaining highly motivated and productive employees at all levels of your organization?

Do you know how to improve the work environment to increase morale?
Our Employee of Choice performance review will help you:

  • Gain valuable insight into what’s working and what areas require attention
  • Enhance your company culture and employee communications
  • Promote your results to attract and retain the best talent
Builder of Choice Performance Review
Are the trade partners and suppliers committed to your company's success?

Would you benefit from knowing what your trades think of your processes and the performance of your superintendents?

Do you know the root cause of issues with your production schedule?
Our Builder of Choice performance review will help you:
  • Gain clarity on key areas for process improvement
  • Enhance your relationships and communications with trades and suppliers
  • Compete successfully in tight labor markets
Reliable Feedback Equals Smarter Decisions. Order Your Performance Review Today!
Contact Lisa Putnam at or 303-972-7666 for details.
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