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Property management is a complex job with lots of details and a diverse clientele. However, things can go awry. And when they do, the lack of a good property manager can mean the difference between minor frustrations and full-blown disaster.  In order to keep your business running in the most productive and efficient way possible, pay attention to these common mistakes,
  • Concerns over security/safety/lighting
  • General lack of preventative maintenance
  • Hiring new contractors every time or poor vendor selection
  • Letting tenants fix their own maintenance problems
  • Hiring unskilled workers to save money
  • Failure to respond to inquiries in a timely manner
  • Unreasonable delays in resolving homeowner problems
Rick Avery
According to Security Magazine, the first step to a good commercial property security system is a risk assessment to determine the level of security needed. Rick Avery, President of the Northeast Region at Securitas Security Services, shares the best way to maximize your security assessment is to ask the following questions,
  • What are you protecting?
  • Why are you protecting it?
  • How will you protect it?
  • What’s the likelihood of something happening?  

Whether it's discreet building lobby security systems that blend into the background, or visible tenant security systems that provide integrated protection services, we work with property management teams to tailor solutions for each property. Using remote security management, you can reset codes, watch live video surveillance, enable or disable permissions and credentials from virtually anywhere. Saving you time and providing customer safety.

If you need help answering these questions, we will do the walk-through with you to answer these questions and provide the right solutions.

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