The Netherlands’ Country Trail Band, one of Europe’s most popular country gospel groups, is commemorating our VOMK Bible balloon launches to North Korea with a song. The song, “Straight into the Heart”, which appears on the group’s album of the same name, says in the chorus, “The word of God is not held back by borders; the word of God goes straight into the heart.”

We know Christians in Korea and even around the world are praying for our Bible balloon launches. This song from the Country Trail Band is an encouraging reminder of that.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley
An NK UT student prays before class.

One of the Underground Technology (UT) students whom we have seen the most growth in in our new underground church group settings is HHS.

While HHS was in China, she once attended a mission church run by South Koreans. The pastor there preached that it was necessary to believe in God like Americans so that our own countries can receive the same blessing that God gave America. Being from North Korea, HHS was disgusted. She said, “What kind of God would bless American wolves?” 

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It is tempting to think of North Korea as somehow “backwards” when it comes to technology. The truth is that most North Koreans have both TVs and DVD players in their homes. Most NKs have access to a mobile phone (though the cell network is restricted to NK calling alone). And almost half of all North Koreans have access to an MP3 player.

In light of the increasing technology, a fair question to ask might be, “Are people still listening to the radio?”

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Pray for one of our discipleship base leaders who was taken into police custody and later released. He was tortured but remained calm and continues to understand that God is in control. Please pray for his family members and for him to remain faithful to the Lord. 
Pray for Chinese Pastor N and his congregation. He and his church are seeking asylum in an undisclosed country. They and their family members have started to receive threats from the Chinese government. Please pray that they would continue to trust in the Lord despite the difficult circumstances.