Dear MI Freedom Center Supporter,

There would be no food, no beverages, no recliners, and no one to ensure that 80 shifts are filled by volunteers who are trained and possess the security credentials to access our facilities without the generous donations of all amounts provided by our supporters.

I recently completed a compilation of all of the donations we have received, not simply last year, but since our founding in 2011. This was not an easy task, but will be made easier going forward due to new technology that will be rolling out across our centers this year. More information on that in a later note. Suffice it to say, though, the simple act of entering your donations into our database has given me a true appreciation for who our donors are. Many of you make sacrificial donations. Many of you affirm the importance of our mission with your commitment to making our mission a success year after year.

Some interesting tidbits about our donor community...
  • Our donors include veterans organizations, non-veteran community organizations, businesses and individuals
  • We have donors in 38 out of 50 states
  • Our average donation is $749
  • Our median donation is $142
  • Our top fundraising event is our annual "Tee It Up For Freedom" Golf Outing
  • Our top donor in 2019 was someone named "Anonymous" which means that many of you give generously despite receiving no tax advantage
  • In-kind donations can have the same impact upon our operations as monetary donations. Regular food and beverage donations offsets much of our need to purchase supplies for our guests.

Our top donors since opening our doors in 2011 as well as our top donors from last year are shown in the following diagram.