Top O' The Morning To Ya!
Happy St. Paddy's Day. We've had some unsettling times and there are certainly more to come but I hope this letter feels like a little bit of luck in your day! Along with a personal letter, I'm writing to make sure you know that we have a created a YouTube channel which already has some videos for all levels for home practice and to fill you in on how we hope to weather this cultural storm here at Shine.

The "Shine Yoga Collective" YouTube channel is now live for your home practice!

Currently we have a 30-minute "All Levels - Everyday Yoga Basics" class, with a chair-yoga option, and a 40-minute "Yoga For Athletes" class with a focus on mental clarity, flexibility and core balance. We hope to bring you more variety very soon.

We are currently offering the classes for free but have created channels for donations to help our studio weather this cultural health storm. All the details can be found on the new "Virtual Studio" page at Click here for details.

Not Separate - Here for Each Other
a note from Kate Noble, Shine Director

While yoga does have different philosophies throughout it's bigger system, a common theme is the point of view that we are 'not separate' from each other and are indeed created FOR each other. We are inter-connected and inter-dependent on each other much more than we tend to acknowledge on a daily basis. The Covid-19 Virus is proving this beyond a doubt.

As the director of Shine, this inter-connectedness is always in the forefront of my mind as I make decisions that affect us all as a community: teachers, leaders, and most vital of all - you - our students. It is in each one of us coming together and participating in the ways that we do that allow us all to hold space for each other's practices. In my 7 1/2 years of ownership at Shine, we've only been fully closed a handful of days. Even on the most celebrated holidays, we have come together to hold space for each other to breathe, stretch, grow, relax, and connect. The studio feels very lonely without you and I want to continue to do my best to hold the space and the connections that have allowed this Shine community to exist for almost 20 years now!

Over the weekend in preparation for this likely closure of Shine, I created a YouTube channel to host videos for home practice. I recorded two yesterday and have invited the other Shine teachers to participate in online offerings. I did my best to offer up a little something for all of the students I have the joy to connect with each week. The two classes should cover the bases for most of my/our students and I hope we can get some more variety to you very soon! Feel free to do sections of the videos if you just have a few minutes. Each one has a nice centering to start and a full (though slightly short) savasana/relaxation at the end.

Being closed will be hard for all of us. At this time, I'm offering the yoga videos for free because I know many of us will feel hard hit by this cultural slow down. If you are inclined, you can send donations to help us get through this period. If it's just a couple of weeks, we'll be ok. If it's months, we're going to need to get some help. I've already received some donations. The big ones and the small ones are so appreciated. Each of you feels like an angel to me. Thank you for helping to ease the burden of making the rent! Click here for info about our new Virtual Studio & Donation Portals.

And what about you?
I'm quite aware of the benefit of social connection and am worried that social distancing may turn in to social isolation for some in our community. If you find yourself in need of support, please reach out to us to let us know how we might be able to help you.

When I was a little delayed in closing the studio, keeping a safe space for people to connect with others was one of my main motivators. I shared this with a friend and was offered this article for a consideration of the blessing of taking some to ourselves. Sally Kempton is an incredible meditation teacher and writes with such wisdom. Please check this article she shared in a recent newsletter.

Your Class Passes
Class passes have a 6-month expiration date which will happily be extended when we are back in business. Just let us know if you need an extension when you are back in the studio at Shine.

Hopefully the strict preventative measures we are all taking will allow the Corona Virus to sputter out sooner rather than later. I so look forward to meeting again in person. Shine on good friends and stay in "touch."

Sláinte (to your health)
Kate & the Shine Yoga Kula (family)

Shine Yoga
3330 Erie Ave. #15, Cincinnati, OH 45208