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SMB Taxes 2018
Presenting J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2018: Your Complete Guide to a Better Bottom Line

This is the small business owner's ultimate guide to a money-saving, stress-free tax season. 

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Note: The Free Supplement to the book will include information about tax changes.

How to Classify Independent Workers When it Comes to Tax Time

Your business needs help. You engage a worker to meet this need. Be sure that you properly classify this worker - as an employee or independent contractor - so you can meet your tax-filing requirements and other legal responsibilities. The IRS is continually reminding small businesses to get this right. Here's what's at stake and how you can correctly classify your worker.

Looking Back on Build Your Business Radio

The final broadcast of my radio show was this month, closing out 10 years of hosting a podcast on  wsRadio  called Build Your Business and then the Wealth Building Hour. Over this time, I've had the joy and honor to speak with many wonderful and prominent guests. Permit me to reminisce about some of the highlights, and then share with you what I've learned.

Tax Cuts
What the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Means to You

On December 20, 2017, Congress passed the largest piece of tax legislation in many years. It makes dramatic changes for individuals and businesses. But it does not change many of the tax rules that have long been in place. A number of the changes are a great departure from what the House bill had originally proposed. Here is a checklist of what has changed, and what hasn't. Many of them are positive changes, while some may be disadvantageous to small business owners. Almost all are complicated (no simplification).

Top 4 Year-End Actions to Address Now

Some businesses are in the midst of the holiday-selling season and are extremely busy, others may be experiencing a slow time because of the nature of what they do. Either way, as the year winds down, there are some key year-end actions to address now. Once the New Year rings in, it's going to be too late.  Here are some year-end actions to address. ~  Sure, December 2017 has passed, but you can make a note now for next December. ~

Schedule a Coffee, Lunch, or other Meeting with ... 

As the New Year begins, you may want to connect with certain people vital to your business.  You can do this in person -- have coffee, a lunch, or a meeting -- by telephone, or in some other way (e.g., Skype, GotoMeeting).   Here are some people you may want to talk to now . . . and why.

Killing Tax Deductions for Bad Actions?

It's been said that lawsuits are the cost of doing business. Individuals and businesses may be caught in bad behavior, but often these bad actors can ease their own consequences by deducting various costs ... settlements, awards, legal fees. ... Eliminating deductions for the costs associated with bad actions could go a long way to further discourage such activity and would certainly penalize them further. Here are some suggestions under consideration.

Sole Proprietorships Continue to Increase in Numbers and Profits

Each year the IRS releases statistics on various types of business entities, and looking at the numbers tells an interesting story. Recently released  IRS statistics for 2015 show that there are a growing number of sole proprietorships in the U.S.

10 Things to Know for Businesses Filing for Bankruptcy

The economy is doing well and may even boom if proposed tax changes are enacted. Nonetheless, a business may suffer reverses and need to file for bankruptcy. In 2017, many famous retailers sought bankruptcy protection, including The Limited, Wet Seal, Hhgregg, Radio Shack, Gymboree, and Toys R Us. The "b" word isn't pleasant but may be a fact of life for some businesses. ... How does bankruptcy impact taxes?
5 Things to Know about Year-End Bonuses

According to Bank of America's Fall 2017 Small Business Owner Report, 35%of small businesses plan to offer year-end bonuses. These bonuses are an important way to retain good employees, especially during this increasingly tight job market. The size of these bonuses varies by industry and company, as well as the way they are figured (tied to performance or a flat amount) and when they are paid to employees (this year or next). Here are 5 things to know about year-end bonuses.
Understanding Payroll Tax Responsibilities

Whether you have one employee - including yourself if you work for your own corporation - or many employees, you face many payroll tax responsibilities. If you fail to meet your obligations, you could face costly penalties. Here is a checklist of your payroll tax responsibilities.
Rapping Up 10 Years of Radio Podcasts:  

Jim Blasingame, Founder of The Small Business Advocate showjoins Barbara to discuss current small business issues and trends for the coming year. 

Barbara talks taxes -- discussing the current tax bill -- and then addresses her listeners on her final show, thanking them and the many guests who have participated during the 10-year run of her radio show.
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