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SMB Taxes 2018
Presenting J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2018: Your Complete Guide to a Better Bottom Line

This is the small business owner's ultimate guide to a money-saving, stress-free tax season. 

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Note: The Free Supplement to the book will include information about tax reform (if enacted).

Planning an Office Holiday Party?

In the depths of the recession not too long ago, expenditures on a holiday party were nixed. Today, the holiday party is back. Last year, about 80% of businesses had holiday parties, and I'd guess it won't be less this year.
Why it's a good idea ...

Work Opportunity Credit for Hiring Veterans: 10 Things to Know

Veterans Day, which originally was fixed to commemorate the Armistice for World War I but later became a day to honor veterans of all wars, is November 11 (although the federal holiday is November 10). In recognition of this date, it's worth noting that businesses that hire certain disabled veterans can receive a federal income tax credit called the work opportunity tax credit (WOTC). Here are 10 things to know about this credit...

Wellness Programs
How Healthy Are Wellness Programs?

Wellness programs can enable employees to lose weight, stop smoking, learn about health risks, and more. So it's a great idea for employers to encourage their staff to improve their health? And why not offer incentives for this purpose? And maybe even save employment taxes? All of this all sounds good, but be cautious before you take any action. Here are some things that wellness programs can do, as well as the problems that wellness programs present, and what you must do if you want to move forward with them.

What the Proposed Tax Bill Means to Small Business Owners

On November 2, the House released its much-anticipated tax bill (H.R. 1 ) called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The measure has many moving parts and it's too early to describe what a final bill will contain. But it's a good idea to know what the proposal has in store for small business owners.

QSEHRAs: A Health Coverage Solution for You?

Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangements (QSEHRAs) allow small employers that don't offer health coverage to reimburse employees for their individually-obtained health coverage or their medical expenses on a tax-advantaged basis. QSEHRAs were created by the 21th Century Cures Act at the end of 2016 and became effective at the start of 2017. Now the IRS has issued extensive guidance explaining the rules for QSEHRAs. Here's an overview of the rules for QSEHRAs to help you decide whether you qualify and if it's a better option than obtaining a company health plan.

Office Politics versus Politics in the Office

Office politics means exercising power and networking within a company to gain an advantage, such as a promotion. The term has a bad connotation, implying backstabbing and other negative actions that hurt co-workers. But as bad as office politics may be, or is perceived to be, politics in the office is even worse.

What's Your Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy?

With the media onslaught of reports about sexual attacks by and against famous people ranging from serious charges of rape, drugging, and underage sex, to less serious but nonetheless troubling charges of groping and inappropriate behavior, it's time for small businesses to review their sexual harassment policies. Sexual harassment can create an uncomfortable work environment and may violate federal and state law, leading to legal action against your business. According to a survey last year, 67% of small businesses lacked an anti-sexual harassment policy.  If you don't have a policy, it's time to get one; if you do, maybe you need to re-think it.

Lessons via Big Retailers

5 Lessons from Big Retailers

Just because you're a small retailer doesn't mean you have to act small. 

Large retailers have adopted certain practices that small retailers should consider. 

Here are 5 of them:

Gratitude on this Thanksgiving

Every year on Thanksgiving I like to focus my blog on gratitude because I have so much to be grateful for. Gratitude is defined as "the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness." Research shows that practicing gratitude can be beneficial to your health and satisfaction. Last year my blog shared quotations about gratitude. This year I'd like to run through some of the business-related developments this past year that I'm grateful for.

Get Small Business Health Insurance Fast

Buying health coverage is increasingly important in this tight job market so you can retain your current workers and attract new ones, as I've mentioned in a previous post. The process may seem like an overwhelming task and a big distraction from running your business. It's not so. You can make highly informed decisions about coverage choices in less than 20 minutes. Let me explain how.

10 Payroll Mistakes Your Small Business Must Avoid

Engaging employees allows your company to function and grow. But doing so puts employer responsibilities on your shoulders. Running afoul of these responsibilities can trigger penalties, and failing to take advantage of opportunities can cost you taxes, both of which can hurt your bottom line. Here are 10 payroll mistakes to avoid.
Why Hire Veterans?

The month of November is a time to celebrate Veterans Day. This year Veterans Day fell on Saturday, November 11 (Friday, November 10 was the federal holiday to celebrate it). There are more than 19 million veterans, and one or more of them may be a good fit for your company. Here's what veterans offer to employers:
Year-End Payroll and Benefits Planning

When it comes to compensation and benefits, the end of the year is a busy time for employers. It's a time to wrap up matters for the current year and consider new policies for the coming year. Here are some actions to take into account.
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