November 2019
By Bernard A. Krooks, Esq., Littman Krooks LLP

This is the primary question asked by many of our estate planning clients. So, here are our top 10 reasons to consider a trust (in no particular order). Please keep in mind that there are many different types of trusts and one size does not fit all.

1. You don't want your estate to go through the probate process. While the probate process is probably not as bad as you think, it has gotten more cumbersome lately due to budget cuts and less help at the courthouse. So, as lawyers, we can try to convince you that probate is not that bad, or, we can just help you avoid it.

2. You prefer privacy. Once you pass away and your will is probated, it becomes a public document. You might say, "why should I care, I will be dead," however, your family and beneficiaries will be mentioned in the will and those surviving you might care. This is a concern for not only famous and/or wealthy people, but also many "ordinary" folks who value their privacy and might prefer to create a trust.

Littman Krooks LLP has been selected among the 2020 U.S. News - Best Lawyers® "Best Law Firms." The firm, with offices in White Plains and New York City, received this prestigious ranking in the area of Elder Law and Trusts & Estates Law.

To be eligible for this distinction, a law firm must also have at least one lawyer included among the annual peer review assessment of Best Lawyers in America®. Bernard A. Krooks, a founding partner of Littman Krooks LLP, was named 2020 "Lawyer of the Year" for excellence in Trusts & Estates.

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