February 3, 2020
3d rendered illustration of the word  top 10  on a light gray-white gradient background For the 16th straight year, Jimmy Sawyers presents his annual predictions on the future of bank technology, payments, and cybersecurity, a collection of insights based on his work helping banks across the nation.  

Jimmy's predictions are once again part of the annual Bankers as Buyers publication from our friends at the William Mills Agency.  We give you our permission to share this copyrighted publication with your friends and colleagues as you wish. 
We always enjoy hearing from you.  To give your feedback on these predictions, just reply to this email.  With an overwhelming array of tech choices, we do hope this article brings you clarity and helps you craft your bank's technology strategy for 2020 and beyond.
Top Ten Trends
Impacting Bank Technology for 2020

"Competition whose motive is merely to compete, to drive some other fellow out, never carries very far.  The competitor to be feared is the one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time."

 - Henry Ford

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Jimmy Sawyers is Co-Founder and Chairman of Sawyers & Jacobs LLC, leaders in Innovation-Risk Management-Cybersecurity-Technology through our four brands.  RedTorch Consulting:  Lighting the Path to High Performance - Strategic consulting designed to align people, processes, and technology for world-class innovation, management, and operations.  RedTail Risk Management:  Watch Risk Like a Hawk - A suite of risk management services designed to help bankers identify threats and mitigate risk through practical applications, comply with laws and regulations, and maintain a high-level of customer service, security, and profitability. RedWolf Cybersecurity:  Protect the Pack - A full range of Cybersecurity services for those serious about securing the enterprise and repelling the attackers who threaten the bank and its customers. RedCape Tech Support:  Your Hero in Tech - Concierge-level tech support delivered in a strong, intelligent, and friendly manner with premium quality, superior service, and special attention.  For more information , visit www.sawyersjacobs.com , call 901.853.1000, or email jsawyers@sawyersjacobs.com .

Bankers as Buyers Through the Years (2005-2020)
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