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“The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.”

— Carlos Santana

Dear Positivity Friends,

Are you ready for your latest dose of positivity? While curating stories for this #Postivity® edition, I have been amazed by how much good is going on all around us. That’s why I am so excited to share stories of people doing remarkable things and demonstrating what being a positive force is all about. 

For the last two years, our #Positivity® community has brought me so much joy. It’s great knowing that in these difficult and polarizing times that we can together focus on the positive and what we have in common. Being intentional about #Positivity has also made me think about staying motivated and finding purpose in life each day. What’s my secret to building happiness and success daily? I am sharing my top tips in my column. So, let’s keep being positive and motivate each other to see the glass half full!

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With hope and positivity,

#Positivity® Stories

California Group Has Rerouted 250 Million Pounds of Food From Landfills to Feed People in Need

Food Forward, a Los Angeles-based non-profit, is helping to recover perishing produce and redistribute to communities in need of more fresh fruits and veggies. Due to inflation and COVID-19, the ability of rural or food-desert-based communities to buy fresh produce has been disrupted. Since 2009, the non-profit has redirected 250 million pounds of food from landfills and delivered over a billion servings of fresh produce to food insecure communities. The organization has mastered the logistical challenge of rerouting produce destined for landfills to communities in need. Currently, Southern California is the largest exporter and importer of produce in the country. Therefore, Fast Forward is well-position to help communities in need. Thus far, they have recovered and distributed fresh fruits and vegetables across Los Angeles, 11 more Californian counties, and six adjacent states and tribal lands. From its refrigerated food distribution center in south east LA, the group works with 350 direct partners coordinating food donations.

Students at Connecticut Middle School Help Raise Guide Dog Puppies

For the past six years, students and teachers at Scotts Ridge Middle School in Ridgefield have undertaken a unique project. As part of their curriculum, students are raising guide dog puppies for a non-profit organization, Guiding Eyes for the Blind. The puppies, which are being trained for visually impaired owners, are bringing so much joy to the classroom and helping everyone stay happy. Students are greeted each morning by the dogs at the main entrance of the school. The pups then travel to different classrooms throughout the school building. There are two dogs in the sixth-grade classes each day, in addition to two dogs who remain in the office for any student in need of comfort. Beyond keeping everyone calm, the puppies are teaching the children responsibility and providing them with comfort and companionship throughout the day. According to the teachers, the dogs have really helped change some shy and even disobedient students, who have a hard time leaving home or staying in class.

Deaf-Owned Restaurants Are Growing in Popularity Around the World

In the past decade, a growing number of deaf-owned and -operated restaurants, cafes, and food trucks have emerged everywhere from Austin, Texas to Paris, France. While most are independent ventures, there is a growing trend among many deaf people to forge a stronger sense of community by establishing and patronizing deaf-owned businesses. Co-owner of Mozzeria, Melody Stein and her husband Russ, who is also deaf, opened a pizzeria with locations in Washington D.C. and San Francisco. Born into a family of restauranteurs, her motivation is to create a safe communal space for fellow deaf patrons. Melody views Mozzeria as an example of how marginalized groups can establish economic power in a world where they’re often excluded from mainstream activities. One of the ways deaf-owned businesses fulfill this aim is by creating employment opportunities for the hard of hearing, who often face challenges finding work. It has also helped the deaf community worldwide to enter food service — an industry that once seemed inaccessible to many.

Book Recomendation

Start with Why

by Simon Sinek

This bestseller by Simon Sinek is an essential read for all those who want to learn about leadership. In 2009, Sinek gained acclaim for his TED talk entitled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. His presentation led to a bestselling book, Start with Why, which explores how individuals can create sustainable change by actively inspiring others. 

Sinek starts with a fundamental question: Why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty from customers and employees alike? Even among the successful, why are so few able to repeat their success over and over? 

Start with Why shows that the leaders who have had the greatest influence in the world all think, act, and communicate in a similar way. Sinek coined this powerful idea, the Golden Circle, and it provides a framework upon which organizations can be built, movements can be led, and people can be inspired. It all starts with Why.

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Things to make you smile

It’s official! The Popack family has a new addition

We are super excited to welcome an adorable and fluffy puppy to our family. Our kids decided on the name Boris for our cute poodle and he is settling in very well. If you want to see Boris in action, check out my recent video.

Monthly Highlight

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15 nationwide. It is a time for honoring the history and culture of Americans with ancestors from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. During the month-long period, there are several dates of importance. September 15 is the anniversary of independence for several Latin American countries — Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Mexico’s national independence day follows on the 16th, while Chile’s occurs on the 18th, and Belize’s is on the 21st.

Spreading #Positivity®

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We are delighted to share that we recently partnered with the University of Florida's Palm Beach IFAS Extension to start our own 4-H Club at the Palo Verde Apartment Community Garden. As a network of youth organizations whose mission is "engaging youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development", 4H is the perfect partner for us to expand our community garden program. 


Through experiential learning programs, 4-H clubs focus on developing leadership and life skills needed for youth to become productive, responsible citizens. Our first meeting was led by Youth Club President, Meitalia Factor, and Vice-President, Mendy Popack, who taught the children about plant classifications and making a "Leaf Rubbing Rainbow”. Working together, we are excited to create a community that honors the 4-H clubs’ original motto of “Head, Heart, Hands and Health”.

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4 Keys to Staying Motivated Daily

With a busy work schedule and a bustling household, how do I stay positive and energized? What helps me get out of bed every morning? Everybody needs a dose of inspiration and motivation once in a while. For me, it’s simple. I follow a few daily mottos that keep me grounded and focused. 


Before I share those motivations, it is important to note that a positive frame of mind has always helped me approach each day with an open-mind. I have always had the perspective of viewing challenges as opportunities, which has helped shape my experiences tremendously. With that background, here are my top four motivations:


Motivation #1: The recognition that you live once.

It is a popular expression now and one that I truly believe has helped me to live life to the fullest. Because you only have one life to live, it shapes the opportunities that you seek and the risks that you take. I always encourage my family and friends to seize the promise of every day and to pursue their dreams with the idea to make every day count. That’s why I look at every day as a chance to learn something new and grow as a person.


Motivation #2: The pain of regret is a powerful motivator.

On an episode of The Quote of The Day Show, Les Brown said “pain is life. It’s everywhere. And it’s the pain of regret that can be the most unpleasant of them all.” A great quote by Les Brown that is vital to bear in mind always. We can escape the pain of regret by being courageous, overcoming our fears, and taking leaps of faith to create a fulfilling life. Don’t live any day with regrets. I always stay focused on leading a happy and healthy life. 


Motivation #3: I have seen the other side and I don’t ever want to go back.

All of our journeys are unique. Mine is not unlike many entrepreneurs who struggled to start their businesses and worked very hard to gain success. The memories of many hours and hardships keeps me grounded. Success does not come easily and often involves hard work and sacrifice. 


Motivation #4: People are relying on me!

I have a responsibility to my family and my employees at my company. The trust that everyone has placed on me is an incredible motivator to show up every day. I am who I am because of my wonderful family and a great organization of employees who fuel my success. 


Everyone’s motivations are different. Perhaps you have family advice handed down by generations that you follow? Or maybe you have learned along the way? Whatever is the case, it is always good to find some inspiration. Hope my mottos help you lead a positive and productive life daily!


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