Since June, we've been sharing ready to run travel content in this newsletter as a way to help overcome the pandemic and keep story ideas flowing between our 12 member states and you, our top journalists, who've found amazing stories thanks to great relationships made at Travel South USA Domestic Showcase. This issue features each state's favorite story angle to wrap up this newsletter's run now that more vaccines are being distributed, some states' positive test numbers are decreasing and there seems to be new hope for safer travel on the horizon. We hope you'll check back into each state's TSUSA Media Room, bookmarking it to return again and again for all the evergreen content, photos and other assets they've contributed these nine months. As always, thank you for your wonderful story telling.

Please keep sending Ruth Sykes ( your published stories so we may continue sharing your work with our state travel directors and other partners. Our 2020 report, including all your clips and links, will be complete March 1 and we'd love to applaud your efforts!