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January 2014
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Top reasons to use WIST compostability testing
FTC cracking down on biodegradability marketing claims
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WIST provides laboratory services, research and education to create sustainability solutions for businesses and organizations. Technology and ideas developed by WIST and its partners will spur economic growth in Wisconsin and the region and help all of us preserve a healthy environment for future generations.

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Annual Report October 2013 


Top five reasons to use WIST compostability testing



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Click the image to view a short video about WIST compostability testing.

1. Capture independent, third-party evidence to back marketing claims for your products (see article below about FTC "green guides")


2. Save time in product development: Our lab can perform multiple trials simultaneously


3. Get the testing services you need: WIST can customize a suite of testing services to meet your needs, including recyclability and repulpability testing


4. WIST has a solid track record of providing high-quality laboratory services to industry


5. Competitive pricing -- contact us to discuss project options

WIST tests bioplastics and coated papers to ASTM D6400 and D6868 standards for compostability. To learn more about how WIST laboratory services can help you, contact John Baldus, WIST director of laboratory services at or 715-346-3265. 
FTC cracking down on biodegradability claims


Third-party testing can help substantiate marketing claims


As this story in the Environmental Leader recently pointed out, the Federal Trade Commission is taking a close look at marketing claims about biodegradable plastics. The agency is working to make sure companies follow its revised "Green Guides" published in October 2012.


The FTC issued fines or citations to five companies after finding their marketing messages deceptive or false. In proposed consent orders the FTC prohibits the companies from making claims about biodegradability unless the claims are true and are supported by reliable, scientific evidence.


Although WIST compostability testing cannot by itself ensure a company complies with the Green Guides, it can provide scientific evidence to back marketing claims about compostability of materials. WIST tests materials to ASTM D6400 and D6868 standards. Its testing protocol was developed by waste and soils science faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, which also houses the testing lab.


The D6400 standard was developed for compostable bioplastics. The D6868 standard was developed for products that incorporate plastics or polymers as coatings or additives with paper. For example, a company may be developing a specialty paper such as a coated packaging material, to be marketed to businesses demanding sustainable products. WIST labs can test the material to back claims about its compostability.


The Green Guides state: "A marketer claiming that an item is compostable should have competent and reliable scientific evidence that all the materials in the item will break down into, or otherwise become part of, usable compost (e.g., soil-conditioning material, mulch) in a safe and timely manner (i.e., in approximately the same time as the materials with which it is composted) in an appropriate composting facility, or in a home compost pile or device."


The green guides provide advisories for businesses. For example, a product may technically be biodegradable, but if it is intended for disposal in a landfill then it should not be claimed as biodegradable because it will not biodegrade in a landfill. A product may be compostable but if it is not compostable in a home composting system and commercial composting facilities are not available in the area the product is marketed, the marketing claim of "compostable" may be determined deceptive by the FTC.


To learn more about WIST compostability testing contact John Baldus, WIST director of laboratory services, by email at or by phone at 715-346-3265, or contact Paul Fowler, WIST executive director, by email at or by phone at 715-346-3767.


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