Underhill Associates Summer Newsletter

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Started with 52 - Sold and Closed 30 - Under Contract 3 - Units Left  19
Fun and exciting things are happening at the George. A dog park will be ready to open mid-June, the grill has been installed at the pool and striping on two levels of the garage are set to be done before the end of the summer. Sales activity continues to progress and Unit 605 has been completed as a new model unit. 
Model Unit 605
GML is a buzz with activity. We hosted 20 tours the week of May 7 th and our vacancy numbers are down. We are excited to celebrating Josh Young’s one year anniversary July 17 th !
Couvillion has officially opened and we are happy to say that the reviews have been great with record breaking crowds. Everyone loves the atmosphere and the authentic Cajun food.
Mayor Greg Fischer declared May 17 th as GML Day, for our dedication to improving the Historic District. We celebrated with a pool side toast! 
Photo taken by one of our residents featured in the Wall Street Journal
New Employee

Tim Vance
Highlands Court is pleased to welcome Tim Vance as the live in maintenance tech. He is a misplaced Kentuckian who grew up in Bedford, Indiana and has now returned home to the other side of the Ohio River. 

Tim has worked at the famous French Lick Hotel in maintenance and apartment maintenance prior to coming to roost at Highlands Court. He is a veteran of the Navy and has worked in welding as well as construction. He now lives at Highlands Court with his gray tuxedo kitten Max. 
Heritage Green welcomes Chris Claxton as part of the UA team.
New Employee

Chris Claxton
Start Date: May 21st 2018
From: Louisville KY
Chris was taught maintenance by his father and uncle. He has previously worked at Ramey and Associates LLC. In his free time he enjoys playing games with his children and and spending quality time with his family.
Construction continues at Colonial Gardens. The interior is being gutted and foundations are being poured. We are excited with the progress and will be posting updates including restaurant announcements on the UA social media pages. Look forward to it all wrapping up in April of 2019.
Employee Spotlight
Pam Quinn
UA Start Date:   01/11/2017
Birthday: 10/19/1985
Hometown and Family:  Sellersburg, IN
Husband Logan and daughter Alex. I have two sisters, Cera and Ashlee, one nephew, Karson and am expecting a niece in October. 

  • What are you passionate about?
My daughter, Alex, was born with a birth defect commonly known as clubfoot. 
Both of her feet required serial casting for correction and she wears special orthopedic boots with a bar attached at night to hold correction. Unfortunately, the treatment of clubfoot takes a very skilled doctor and currently in the U.S. and abroad any pediatric orthopedic surgeon can attempt treatment. Due to many of the doctors treating the condition improperly there are children who are never fully corrected or undergo reconstructive surgeries that are unnecessary. I spend whatever spare time I have helping to educate other parents and get them in touch with necessary resources and/or professionals for their child’s care because no parent wants their child to have undue pain.
  • Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?
Ellen DeGeneres, because she is so positive and hilarious. I would love to be able to give money to people in need or charity funds in the way she is able to. Not to mention take trips to Africa to see the animals the Wildlife Fund is helping. Also, my daughter loves finding Dory so I feel like she would love to have Dory as a Mom for a day.
  • What is your favorite restaurant and what’s your favorite meal to get there?
Annie’s Deli in Sarasota, Fl. I love there turkey sandwich. I know it isn’t a legitimate restaurant, but when I’m eating Annie’s Deli it’s either before or after being on the beach with my family and that makes it the best meal around.

  • What is one of your pet peeves?
When someone assumes the worst of others and refuses to see them for who they truly are inside. 

  • If you were a crayon what color would you be?
Mystical Magical Purple. (I totally just made that up and if Crayola starts using it I’m going to need a cut of the profits.)

  • What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?
A house in Sarasota, Fl. We stay with my in-laws when we go down now, which is great, but if I had my own home I could let my family use it when we weren’t there and I think everyone would get to see each other more often.

  • What TV show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love?
I find myself attempting to make my daughter watch Nella The Princess Knight because I love it. She prefers Puppy Dog Pals and that’s okay because it’s pretty cute.

  • Favorite Quote?
“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Albus Dumbledore. I am a total Harry Potter nerd.

  • If you could have chosen your own name what would you name yourself?
I distinctly remember wanting my name to be something more gender neutral when I was growing-up because I’ve always been a tomboy. I have come to terms with my own name, but made sure my daughter has a name that can be feminine or masculine.

  • What is your favorite summer activity?
Swimming is my new favorite activity, but not because I love to swim. My daughter thinks she is a mermaid and the joy being in the water brings her makes it my new favorite summer activity.  
Important Reminders
  • All Properties and Corporate Office will be closed Wednesday July 4th

All property emergency maintenance staff will remain on call through all holidays. 
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