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Winter Newsletter
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Started with 52 - Sold and Closed 32
Under Contract 5 - Units Left  15
Sales and construction continue at The George at a great rate. We have started a new digital marketing campaign with El Toro that will bring in even more foot traffic and interest in our one of a kind property. 
El Toro Marketing
Look out for our directed ads to pop up online!
GML is 99.48% occupied and pre-leased through May 2019. The leasing office just got a face-lift please come by and check it out.
Shawnna just celebrated her 1 year anniversary with Underhill and Greg and Carl will have an upcoming anniversary in February 2019.
GML is proud to announce its partnership with LOUPetville for pet services. They will offer dog walking, pet sitting, nail trimming, ear cleaning, overnight stays, etc. This precedes the launch of the upcoming dog park as GML moves ahead of the competition by becoming known as a leader in the pet friendly communities. It has become an industry fact when people are searching for an apartment the most searched amenity is pet friendly.
Congrats to Couvillion, our property restaurant, for winning Best New Restaurant for 2018 in the LEO Magazine!
The residents had a Labor Day cookout in September along with a Halloween Chili Cook-off in October and a Thanksgiving Dinner on November 14 th . Each month they participate in regular crafts, shopping trips, exercise programs, and service projects. 
The lobby at Highlands Court was recently refreshed with a new coat of paint.
The staff at Heritage Green is anticipating the start of new construction. With the progress of Colonial Gardens, Heritage Green will most certainly benefit from the neighborhood buzz. Along with the leaves, things are changing in the 40214 area.
Construction is on track and the changes are spreading excitement in the South End. We are working on restoring the original neon sign that was found in the attic, and the community now has the opportunity to purchase an engraved paver to be displayed on the communal patio. The personalized Brick Pavers for the courtyard are on sale through January 1 st . For anyone interested in ordering one, please see the add below.  
Employee Spotlight

Greg Miller
UA Start Date:   03/14/1981
Birthday: Sept. 7th
Hometown: Louisville, KY

(Pictured with his dad Richard and brother Doug at Churchill Downs)

1.What do you like to do in your free time?
Anything that has to do with cars. I own 7 cars right now, not all are running but working on them is what I love to do.

2.Have you ever had short hair?
Last time I had short hair I was 11. All my brothers have long hair and beards. George told me once if I ever decide to cut my hair I better call him first so he didn't shoot me.

3.If you could own any car what would it be?
I have the car I dreamed of since i was 3, a Corvette. I finally bought it when I was 40.

4.Favorite Vacation spot?
Don’t have a favorite, I have been from Maine to Key West, any beach is my favorite place to be. And the best way to get there is in my Corvette.

5.Favorite Underhill Project?
All of them!

6.If you could only watch one movie or read one book the rest of your life what would it be?
I don’t really have a favorite movie or book. I like it all.  I have a love for music, from Opera to Rock...the only music I am not a fan of is rap.

7.What is your middle name?
Edgar, I was named after my Uncle that passed away 2 months before I was born.

8.Best Christmas Present you ever received.
Anniversary bottle of Jack Daniels

9.Where did you go to high School?

10.What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
No favorite I love all desserts, just depends on my mood.
Important Reminders
All Properties and Corporate office will be closed on the following days:

  • Monday December 24th and Tuesday December 25th for Christmas.
  • New Year’s Eve (half-day, must work 4 hours) New Year’s Day closed.
  • Holiday Party- December 13th 12-2pm at the Louisville Boat Club.

All property emergency maintenance staff will remain on-call
through all holidays.  
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