M&L prides itself on relationships with our clients, but also with our long time valued employees. How can a client build a relationship with an agency when the agents, CSR's keep leaving? You can't, and that should tell you something about that  agency.   Numerous clients have talked to Candy for over the past 12 years who started her M&L career in the Customer Service Department and worked  her way up to Office Manager 3 years ago.

Candy loves her daughter,  and surrounds herself with some of the best friends she could ever ask for. Candy kills our clients with true heart felt kindness, and a deep love for what she does. When she gets that call or meets with a client she will,  and always has gone above and beyond for everyone. Candy is not only there for our valued clients,  but everyone she comes across in her daily life...Candy is there for you!....And we are very lucky to have her part of the M&L Team!!!!

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